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The responses on the economy, taxes and coronavirus from both the Vice-Presidential contenders Kamala Harris and Mike Pence failed to have any market reaction.

Although the risk sentiment remains upbeat on the US stimulus hopes, with the Asian stocks at one-month highs.

As the debate ends, Yohay Elam, Senior Analyst at FXStreet, sums it up: “The debate was a stark contrast from the presidential one last week. While both candidates occasionally interrupted each other and exceeded their time limits, they covered policy.”

Pence tactfully avoided answering the question on the peaceful transfer of power should Joe Biden emerge victorious in the Presidential election.

He voiced President Donald Trump’s take on the election results and a peaceful transition. Recall that Trump refused to accept the election outcome in the first Presidential debate, which sent the risk trades in a tailspin alongside stocks.

All in all, the Pence-Harris face-off emerged to be a much better event, in terms of civility, when compared to the Trump-Biden debate.

“Even the interruptions, of which there were many fewer, were polite. On points Pence scored more often but Harris was adamant in coitizing the Trump administration,” FXStreet’s Senior Analyst, Joseph Trevisani noted.

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