US VP Pence: Half of new US cases are in Americans under age 35
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US VP Pence: Half of new US cases are in Americans under age 35

In a press conference on Friday, US Vice President Mike Pence called upon Americans to embrace social distancing amid rising coronavirus cases in the US.

Key takeaways

“Federal government has no outstanding requests from the affected US states for protective equipment.”

“US government focused on rising cases in south.”

“Want to continue to open the US economic activity while dealing with rising cases.”

“34 states are showing measure of stabilizing amid coronavirus.”

“16 states are seeing an increase in positive cases.”

“New cases are concentrated in specific parts of certain states.”

“More testing is generating more positive cases.”

“Half of new US cases are in Americans under age 35.”

“We are encouraged by hospitalization data.”

“At this point in the pandemic, can take comfort in declining US fatalities.”

“Young Americans, especially in hard-hit southern states, need to help protect older adults.”

“People in hard-hit states should listen to local authorities.”

Market reaction

These comments failed to help market sentiment improve. As of writing, Wall Street’s three main indexes were down between 1.7% and 2.15%.

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