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According to analysts from Danske Bank, the Brazilian real is likely to appreciate further if Bolsonaro wins in the second round of the presidential elections (Oct 28).  

Key Quotes:  

“Not only is Bolsonaro’s surprising lead set to cheer the market and BRL, but also more seats were gained by market-friendly forces – the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), PSL, the Democrats (DEM), the Popular Socialist Party (PPS) and the Progressive Republican Party (PRP) – in the Senate. At the same time, less market-friendly parties lost seats. Thus, together with the centrists, pro-market parties form a clear majority of 68 seats in the 81-seat Senate. The new Chamber of Deputies will be dominated by right-leaning and centrist forces.”

“Given that during the past 30 years of election history, the winner of the second round has led in the first one, Jair Bolsonaro stands a good chance of winning the election on 28 October. Thus, the BRL is set to gain further on market expectations before the day of the second round.”

“Following the second round of the presidential election, the BRL’s medium- and long-term prospects will depend on the progress of the long-awaited pension reforms and developments on Brazil’s fiscal side. Rising US Treasury yields and shaky sentiment across emerging markets would put the brakes on BRL’s extra strengthening, while a resumed increase in the crude price would be BRL positive. If Bolsonaro wins, we would expect the USD/BRL to fall to 3.75 in 1M, 3.70 in 3M, 3.65 in 6M and 3.60 in 12M.”