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The Greek finance minister speaks on Bloomberg TV. The big difference is debt  restructuring and the other differences are smaller. He  said he will resign on a YES vote or with more color: I prefer to cut off my arm rather than sign an agreement without debt restructuring.  Tension is growing towards the Greferendum.

Here are some  highlights from  the colorful finance minister:

  • The ECB has been making the rules as it goes along
  • Banks will open on Tuesday if the ECB wants
  • ECB can easily decide to open the banks
  • ECB decision depends on referendum result
  • So far, it was extend and pretend
  • On a no vote, we will immediately resume talks.
  • The June 25th  offer will return to the table on a YES.
  • The offer was not sustainable.
  • I am allergic to extend and pretend.
  • Varoufakis will  resign on a YES vote
  • On a NO vote, there will  eventually be an agreement and the ECB will allow an opening of the banks.
  • Negotiations can end in one hour if needed.
  • The “reforms” are not reforms but just austerity.
  • The offer had no credible debt sustainability plan.
  • The IMF says the debt is not sustainable
  • QE needs to be unleashed for Greece.
  • We need to smooth
  • We have already been in Chapter 11 since 2012.
  • I don’t have a moral right to sign an extend or pretend.
  • Investment has dried up because the debt is not sustainable according to the IMF.
  • Grexit is always in the air because of the failure of the programs.
  • If we sign the deal, we will be closer to Grexit.
  • We want to stay in the euro.
  • Regarding regime change: no comment.
  • The question is: do we challenge the concept of the establishment.
  • They know that if we say something, we will do it. It’s not a problem of trust.
  • Nobody likes to be told they were wrong.
  • I’m going to be here whatever happens.
  • I’m still a member of parliament.
  • Europe needs to accept the principle of democracy.
  • SYRIZA will remain the main force in Greek politics.
  • We will not be a second class country, not a debt colony.
  • We are going to win on Sunday and achieve our goals.

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