Muslim Brotherhood Wants War With Israel


Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a war with it’s eastern neighbor.

Speaking with Iranian television station Al-Alam, Mohamed Ghanem blamed Israel for supporting Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Ghanem also said that the Egyptian police and army won’t be able to stop the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Update: February 1, 11:15 GMT: Opposition plans to Declare Liberated Zone in one Delta City

A multitude of people is gathering towards the million man march in Cairo. Similar protests are planed in other cities. The strong force in Egypt is the army, that enables the current huge protest.

There are doubts about the loyalty of the Egyptian army to president Mubarak. If the brotherhood takes control over Egypt, it will be very messy from the whole region.

In the meantime, EUR/USD , GBP/USD other pairs have enjoyed the relative calm in the Egyptian crisis and regained most of their losses on Friday. An escalation will send them down, and will strengthen the dollar, yen and Swiss franc.

Update: Israel was attacked by Grad rockets fired from the Gaza. While Israel approved that 800 Egyptian soldiers reinforce the limited forces in Sinai, the Islamic movement Hammas, which is in good ties with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, fired at Israel.

The one-million march is expected on Tuesday in Cairo. Will this be the end of Mubarak?

Update, February 2nd, 22:00 GMT: There’s a rumor that the Obama told the Egyptian army to throw Mubarak. Now.

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  • Mrs. CORBAN a.ka. Little Horn

    you know what I find quite entertaining?
    you are willing to Misguide, Misdirect, Misinform the Masses just to get company, (in your head) to keep your stance. You are what My HUSBAND spoke of. please

    “Popes are no men of GOD, they are willing servants for the Devil” Catholics painted the false pictures of Our GODS WORKS in theyr image, Europeans. Popes are not to be trusted in these lasts days of Satan.

    Neither is False Ministers like Louis Farrakhan. he is a false prophet. If he was truely delivered as one from GOD he would have known that he is an Hebrew Israelite which makes him “a man within TRUE Israel/Christ.
    But insteaed he shakes hands with the Harlots powers portraying himself and misleads his own poeple! this guy is going to die!
    Wheres the connection with the East? how come he doesnt try to difuse the tenion between the misunderstanding about Allah and its people? Because he is a false branch Allah that falsely speaks for The Harlot! whove theyve hired! just to keep GODS people (The Hebrew Israelites/the slaves) out of the know! He works for the Harlot!

    Ive even told his men whos out in the streets passing out his Tainted Info, that hes a False Prophet and his outcome will be quick&short and them who they TRUELY are. farrahkhan is unknown in the East and is Not Taken Seriously.

    It is a high bar to pass in order to be The TRUE CHURCH OF GOD and if you are a Man, that puts you out Automatically. Becaue it is HIS Bride who HE gives not only the world to but also OUR Son/ Man of Peace.

  • Mrs. CORBAN a.ka. Little Horn

    …and further more iz ra ‘ill is not trying to get the Harlot to go to war with them. That is another one of americas cop outs. America knew who they got on&off those boats during the Atlantic Slave trade. They already knew the blasphemist dirty jews(babylonians) told them.

    they knew! so all of this goes hand & hand iz ra’ill goes 1st then the Harlot. stop trying to play damsel america remember your the Harlot

    …and stop trying to whitewash Me without adressing Me ok? just admitt the Bride has been called(Apocalypse) and take your offensives as youve given them.

  • Malcolm

    The information in this article is utter nonsense. The Muslim brotherhood declared that they WILL respect their peace treaty with Israel, will not seek majority in the parliament and will not field a presidential candidate. This article is an example of bad reporting. Please check your sources.

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  • Mrs. CORBAN a.ka. Little Horn

    Its time.

    For many years Weve been mistreated. We were forced to believe that we were beneath the lowest and We complied. Even when We simply wanted to be treated as man we were denied, hung, and beaten. This land even allowed its aliens to mistreat Us and after forcibly bearing Our blood, sweat, tears & lives to build this land, are to die with it? No. Weve worked too hard for this land.

    Its time to tell The People of Israel who they Truly are. You cant be a follower of GOD and deny HIS People. It was never meant for you to keep this land. Our GOD gave us into your hands as punishment and now that Our punishment is over, we shall be allotted Our Land. The New TRUE Israel. Capitol, YERUSALEW, THE NEW JERUSALEM

    sincerely, your Nemesis :)

  • Woman Clothed With The Sun, Moon & Stars

    …and never to demean Our brother Malcolm who was viciously killed by uninformed pathetic Hebrews(his own) at their worst because they copped a deal. He is held with nobility & credit, because despite what he learned through that misleading and tricky organization.

    He found more than black&white,TRUTH which was GOD and started to distance himself from that underhanded organization and one of the 7 deadliest showed. I commend him.

    But the System that My HUSBAND designed was just not for him to depict.

    …and as far as anything else thoe who control the medai are thoe who are currently operating Satans dominion and want to kep thing as they are which making them an enemy of GOD.

    ..go check, the Harlot has been accused plenty(other countries) of not providing TRUTH to its people. Blowing situations overboard(diversions) and significantly playing downwards(ignorance). dont trust it, GODS events dot lie man does.

  • Woman Clothed With The Sun, Moon & Stars

    …oh and to simply ask, is the Musleum Brotherhood the only True Threat to old blasphemist iz ra’ill?

    remember the Suez Canal was and is still is a hawt issue

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  • The One HE delights in

    …so, how much mone did you make of My fortune telling?

  • The Queen of Heaven

    everyone brace yourselves

  • MT. ZION Watchtower

    How can it be said that Iran still has no nuclear power? The West has for many years dictated that no oneNation is to give, sell, trade any for nuclear towards,(or basically be friends towards Iran, why?

    Prophecy tells, but just look at these two :)

  • MT. ZION Watchtower

    See My HUSBAND is WHO intruct Me to read the events of the world and iterrpet them accuratly (as HE sees) which is The TRUTH. everything that was spoke in a religious can also tell in a polictal. But it was, is never to be told be any but The the One Who was to be intructed.

    Why? During the potrait of the Last Supper why was there a aged MAN (with HIS head conjoined)speaking&directing to Mary Magdalene so closely? I tell for those who dont know, but Satan is everywhere

  • Hephzibah CORBAN

    Now as if you didnt know One of the best Inheritances of being a Prophet of Israel is Our (Mouth Pieces) meaning We can Confute and Disprove any who try and when they ran our, they run to this…

    whats the problem?
    dont like whats said?
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    you think I dont have All that I Say and the tip of My tounge? you already showed where you stand
    you think that misdirections will save your asses? Please I run Circles around you and those who resides on this Earth with you Easy just for fun!

  • The woman
  • Egyptarmyboy

    i donno people who talks here just say any shit that have nothing to do with captain in the egyptian army and we dont have any intentions to attacks isreal.we been in peace for more than 30 years and our army here is only to defend the country not to attack any neighbors countries.beside we dont have officers in army that support any Current religious or political even.all army officers hates muslim brotherhood coz we knew if they take over the country it will be afuckin mess.we open minded people we have girlfriends we go bars we drink.u guys still think we r on camels here hahahaaa.we just want the best for our country and peace with isreal thats all