5 Signs that a War in Iran is Close


The clock is ticking closer to the midnight hour regarding a strike in Iran. Israel might do it alone, but will likely have the backing of the US.

Is a war imminent, or are these moves just meant to scare Iran? Here are 5 signs that have piled up very recently.

  1. SWIFT Cuts Iran Off: The international institution responsible for around 80% of the world’s financial transactions announced that it will cut off Iranian financial institutions from its system from Saturday. This unprecedented move is a big blow to Iran, and follows up on EU sanctions.
  2. Majority in Israeli cabinet for strike: Israeli newspaper Maariv (Hebrew link, quote in English) by Ben Caspit saying that 8 out of 14 Israeli cabinet members now support a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The cabinet can give Prime Minister Netanyahu the green light for a strike, at the time he sees fit.
  3. Netanyahu preparing Israeli public: The Israeli Prime Minister continues the tough rhetoric against Iran also after coming back from his long visit in the US. Analysts see this as a preparation of the Israeli public for a war.
  4. Using Oil Reserves: There was a report, later denied, that the US and the UK decided on releasing oil from the emergency reserves in order to lower prices. This could be another preparation.
  5. “Last Chance” Warning: According to Russian sources, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked the Russians to send a message to Iran that the upcoming talks 6 nation talks with Iran are the last chance before military action.

Needless to say, oil prices certainly play a role in the considerations of all sides. Iran is the world’s 5th largest producer of oil, and sits on the Straights of Hormuz, where 40% of the world’s shipments pass through.

All these moves could mount to a preparation for a US backed Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. It could also just add to pressure against Iran, trying to force it to comply without really engaging in military action.

There are many other interests that push leaders to higher rhetoric, such as internal politics. Here are

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  1. Exactly what right does the usa have to bomb iran? Am i missing something here, has it been agreed already?

    Or is this report just a media excuse for the intra day euro rally


      1. The President of Iran has called for the destruction of the State of Israel both member states of the UN. This is a fundamental breach of International Law and the UN Charter. Israel has the right of self defense in that Iran and Israel are still at war since Iran declared war on Israel.
      2. The State of Iran is financially and militarily supports both the Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist organizations. Hamases daily missile strikes against Israel’s civilian population, over 400 this month alone, is an act of war.
      3. The State of Iran planned, financed and executed two terrorist attacks in Buena Aires, Argentina of the Israeli Embassy and a Jewish Community Center killing over 100 innocent civilian and injuring hundreds. Ahmad Vahidi, the current Iranian Defense Ministry has a warrant for his arrest issued by Interpol for his role in initiating and executing these two attacks while serving as Commander of the Revolutionary Guard.
      4.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current President of Iran has called for the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish People. He had his Minister of Education hold a contest in all Iranian primary and secondary schools to submit images for a coloring book depicting the false claim of the Holocaust or depicting the destruction of the State of Israel and Jews. At the ceremony held to announce the winners the Education Minister personally handed the awards. Some of the winning images were displayed in a parade of floats. One of which showed a hospital patient whose gown was the flag of Israel with a yellow Jewish Star being administered a gas clearly labeled Zyklon B. The gas used by the Germans in most Death Camps to exterminate Jews and other undesirables. These are clear violations of the 1949 UNGA Genocide Convention ratified by 140 nations and the US in 1986. It has failed to prevent recent genocide in Africa the most heinous being by the Arab Muslim nation of Sudan and it’s extermination of over 1.5 million indigenous Christian native and the displacement of over 3 million in conditions where 5000 dying each month. Isn’t it amazing how the hypocritical Arabs and their Western leftist allies ignore this gross act of inhumanity by an Arab Muslim State whose President Omar al-Bashir has a warrant for his arrest by the International Court of Justice on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Yet this man who has committed mass murder travels throughout the world with full honors while the warrant is ignored. Compare this to the world’s obsession with Israel and the far better off Palestinians. Israel has the right under this convention to act militarily to prevent genocide as does the US.

    • Maybe you don’t understand. Iran will without queston use nuclear technology to not only bring in the 12th IMAM, but to forward their holy war and goal of making the world Islamic. They will sacrafice their own people and country to do so. They are motivated to their Islamic Koran ideology to do so. So if the USA doesn’t do anything, eventually Iran will be knocking on our door. You can choose to ignore their progress or challenge them now. Godis in control. Ez 38 & 39 puts Iran, Russia, Turkey and a coalition of Muslim nations to come down to Israel where they get destroyed. First though Pslam 83 an Israel border war is first. Israel grows well over double in size. That war is very soon. So my Hebrew scholars inform me.

      • David and MBH,
        1. Israel is occupying Palestine. Or Muslim-israel people are living in a big prison. It’s up to you.
        2. China (and Russia) will end the USA empire in the Iranian soil, as the USA did with the URSS in the (cover) war of Afghanistan.

  2. Oh, the euro has gone up, so we had better find a reason for it, oh look, must be iran..

    I switched of all the propagander tv ages ago… Watching the business news whilst trading is about as intelligent as trading whilst on LSD

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