5 Signs that Israel is Close to Attacking Iran


In the past year, it was easy to label the Israeli rhetoric about war as a diversion from burning internal affairs, such as social justice protests, tax reliefs for big companies, tax hikes for regular citizens and the issue of drafting ultra-orthodox Jews to the military. However, in the past few days, there are ominous signs that Israel is getting much closer to a strike on Iran.

Is this another bluff? Here are 5 signs that point to higher chances that Israel might be more serious now:

  1. Prime minister given extended authority: In a fast move that was deemed by many as undemocratic, the Israeli government gave (Aug. 12th) extended decision making powers to PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The first modification of government rules since independence makes it easier to bypass opposition within the government to a strike on Iran.
  2. Israeli Home Front holds huge drill: A major drill is held this week (Aug. 13-17)  to prepare the Israeli home front for the possible counter attack that Iran and / or its allies would launch on Israel.
  3. Bank of Israel gets ready: Israel highly regarded governor of the central bank, Stanley Fisher, said (Aug. 8) that he is taking steps to prepare the financial system for a possible Israeli strike on Iran.
  4. France is preparing mass evacuation: France has set up contingency plans for a mass evacuation of French nationals. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis also hold a French passport.
  5. Media Blitz: While the world is busy with so many economic issues, the debate about a strike in Iran flooded the Israeli media over the weekend, justifying such a move and preparing the public. These seem to be orchestrated by Israel’s defense minister Ehud Barak, who hints that the window of opportunity is closing. This includes the usually left-leaning Haaretz, which reported (Aug. 12) that Iran made progress towards a nuclear bomb. PM Netanyahu declared that Iranian threat “dwarfs” all others. This was the first topic of his opening statement in the weekly government meeting.

Netanyahu and Barak don’t have clear support in the Israeli public. While there’s no doubt that Israel cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran, many feel that an Israeli strike is not the way to go, and that it could be counterproductive. The current and former top military brass is opposed to the war, a

The sanctions imposed by the US and Europe on Iran are weakening the country: oil production is falling and rising prices of food are angering the public. The public outrage, especially regarding the price of chicken, caused Iran’s national police chief Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam to call state television not to broadcast films where people eating chicken are seen.

In case violence breaks out, oil prices would surely rise. The implications for currencies would be a stronger dollar and yen, with varying degrees of losses for other currencies. More details about potential currency movements are here.

The peg of the Swiss franc to the euro could break in such an event, as the franc could attract even stronger demand. This is what happened during the Arab Spring.

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  1. well i dont think that israel go the balls to strike iran due to there knowledge of the heavy fine israel has to pay for iran and hizballah ,,, this is very absurd to think israel is in a position to take the intiative and strike iran .

    • Well no, Israel is capable to carry out special operations in Iran and would go rather that way instead of risking their aircraft to get shot down by Russian AA systems. In any way, if Israel attacks and they get counterattacked, the US will step in immidiatly without any discussion. That’s the shit for everyone else. Israel’s responsibility does not exceed their actual doings.

    • Israel should take action now rather than later when Iran has any nuke capabilities. Don’t underestimate
      what the Israelis can or can not do. 🙂

  2. charles emelogu on

    For me and all peace-loving people, the time to take out the Iranian nuclear program is now. I am fully in support of The PM and Mr Barak. Any other consideration would be a folly. Iran does not have the strenght to march Israel in war. Hezbolla would think twice before aiming an attack on Israel. Syria is in tarters now. Hamas has enough problems from Egypt to commit suicide by attacking Israel.

  3. Israel has a huge stockpile of nukes, why not Iran?

    Seems a bit two faced if you want my opinion.

    • charles emelogu on

      Woody, The Arabs are not your usual guy next door. They are the exporters of terrorism worldwide. They kill to advance their religion. Remember 911? That is the sort of philosophy the Arab believe in. Iran is known worldwide for suicide bombing, assassinations, arson etc. Take a good note of all the countries where they Arabs are found, you will find that they perpetrate terror among the other peoples among they who do not accept their religion. With a nuke in Iran’s hand, no non-nuclear European would be safe. Besides a nuclear Iran would mean nuclear armsrace among all other Arab nations. This is because they don’t trust Iran or other fellow Arab nations.

      • Your answer makes no sense. Pakistan was and is a much more unstable country and they are amassing nuclear weapons every day. Nobody fears these fanatics because these fanatics used it so that they will not get destroyed by others.

        I doubt very much that Iran rulers are fanatics in this sense. They know what the west did to them before and they don’t want a repoart of it again. Which, by itself, is a good reason to acquire this ability, which is still not proven to be the case. Everyone takes about it … just like Iraq, and some people still remember how that went … history repeating itself ???

        • As long as Pakistan is in control and not the Taliban, I don’t worry about it.

      • Iranians are not Arabs. They are Persian and had NOTHING to do with 9/11 (neither did the arabs but anyway)

        “peace loving people” endorsing war & attacks on innocent civilians – thats a joke.

        dont believe everything you see on mainstream TV, do your research, you are so ill informed it would be funny if it wasnt so frightening that so many people on the planet share your level of intelligence.

    • lol, who the fuck said that ?

      How do you want to know such shit ? If Israel had nukes, they would have used them a long time ago. No seriously people, I don’t get the sence out of your logics. Iran is physicaly not capable to challenge Israel, but vice versa also. Any attack on Israel by Iran would go catastrophicaly wrong, vice versa again for the other side. Nukes aren’t in any kind necessary for any of these countries there. Since Russia and US kinda keep the balance of warmongering with a huge nuke stockpile, it is not necessary for small assfart nations to also posess nuklear devices, especialy not by idiots thretening eachother in the name of their nations, insulting language like 13 years old children.

    • they using Iran as an excuse to have that nukes, for their own future-hidden agenda.. you have to remember, they control everything, including the media and newspaper.. that is why 911 issues are keep being repeated.. is it only Arabs do the bad things, the “other sides” do the good?

      • If it weren’t for 911, we wouldn’t be in Afghan you dummy. Were you born last night? LOL 🙂

    • Seems like you are very stubborn and don’t understand what is going on. So, go back to bed and shut up. 🙂

    • … and of course, you are sure about that huge stockpile because of what you read in the newspapers. LOL

  4. why did the Iranian would do such things? i’m pretty sure this has something, maybe they have to.. “They kill to advance their religion”, what religion? wake up, everyone.. do not easily believe in what others say.. the truth is out there..

  5. Gordon Halweg on

    The one thing no one has thought of is this: If Iran develops nuclear weapons I believe they will export them to Venezuela, along with missiles fron North Korea and aim them at us, thereby making it the Cuban missile crisis of the 21st century. The difference this time will be that they won’t hesitate using them because we are so hated. Perhaps they will launch simultaneous strikes against us and Israel at the same time.

    • charles emelogu on

      There will always be this sort of argument back and forth. So was it when Hitler was quietly arming Germany for a hidden agenda. Only Winston Churchill as a journalist read that right and warned in his columns then. Yet the world paid no attention. How can we be argueing about Iran when they are well known for terrorism? Pakistan’s instability is internal; they don’t arm Hezbolla, Hamas, Venezuela, Syria, Lybia, Cuba etc. If Iran has nukes their threats to obliterate Israel would be their aim. So will they aid US haters such as N Korea, Venezuela, Cuba etc. Then there will be Nuclear armsrace round the world. What would be the future of the world then?

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  7. mahatmacoatmabag on

    ” Netanyahu and Barak don’t have clear support in the Israeli public ”

    Rubbish ! where do you get your info from – Al Jazeera, the BBC, the NYT, the Guardian, Iran,Hezbolah, Hamas, the muslim brotherhood or the PLO’s spokesman ?

    The Vast majority of us in Israel fully support a strike on Iran. This is a matter of national survival. The Fascist Regime in Teheran fully intend to impliment a Nuclear ” Final Solution ” on the Jewish People. We don’t want your sympathy or crocodile tears wept on our graves, we are preperared to face the consequences of a First Strike, come what may. Better this than a Nuclear Holocaust.

  8. charles emelogu on

    My only disappointment is that the world seem to be sleeping or hibernating while the evil men are remaining sleepless, working night and day to achieve nuke capability. Europe and Asia think it’s Israel’s problem, but how mistaken they all are. South Africa and all Africans are silent even though they are the weakest nations of the earth; and they are the pigeons with which Iran could test their powers. South Africa is busy fighting Israel, praising the Arabs. US is dragging their feet, playing politics; underestimating the determination of the Iranians. But if another holocaust is to happen, be sure, it will never be on the Israelis.

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  10. It is good to learn from the recent wars; Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Look at the devastation and the loss of lives, what has been achieved in return? The mass media have an agenda and rarely reflect on the truth. They are there to control and manage public opinion for the support of the imperialist Governments who have an unjust agenda. Be careful where your facts are from and what they are based on; distinguish them from the headlines and the hype. To my knowledge Iran has not taken part in any terrorism other than supporting the oppressed where they could. Provide factual evidence if you know different; don’t quote bits and pieces from here and there, give facts. Any attack on Iran can cause a huge war where it can go beyond anyone’s control; many lives will be lost and the oil flow out of the strait of Hormoz will be restricted for a long time with incredible consequences. Iran has not attacked any country in the past 200 years; I hope they will never start a war but they will fight hard as they did with the Iraq imposed war. Support peace as war will not bring any stability or credibility to anyone who preaches it or even worse than that starts one!

    • charles emelogu on

      I find your loyal defence of Iran painful. You do not believe their proxies carried out the bombings at Buenos Aires years back? It is in fact unwise to waste time debating with you truths that even Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PLO, etc will proudly admit. Suffice to inform you that Saudi arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt will all pursue nuclear capability if the Iranians are not stopped. African, all Asians and every wise European nation shall have nuclear capability. You seem to forget what we are actually talking about-nuclear proliferation. Are you aware that N Korea will never hesitate to use nuclear weapons on S Korea. It would become a world of ‘might is right’. The US can maintain certain control today over the rest of us because we know that their superpower would be wisely used with fear of God and humane thoughts for fellow man whether black or white, Christian or otherwise. Is that the case in the Iran, N Korea and Arabian world? Please do not arm a bigot.