63 Top Forex Twitter Accounts
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63 Top Forex Twitter Accounts

Forex trading is fast, very fast, and Twitter fits like a glove to any forex trader’s hand. There’s lots of quick and useful information  coming in the form of tweets and sometimes too much information.

Here is a list of my top forex twitter accounts, each one coming with different characteristics, to suit  traders interested in different aspects of trading (technical, fundamental, educational,, sentiment, a mix of some or all, etc.). Here  is a list of the top 63 forex twitter accounts:

  1. @ForexLive – The Forex Live team brings extremely fast updates, insights market movers and lots of humor. Following the twitter account (which provides more than just links to articles) is an excellent way to know what’s going on in real time.
  2. @FXstreetNews  – The main account of FXStreet News is up 24/5 blasting news, opinions and analysis and everything from the large forex portal.
  3. @JamesChenFX – James Chen, Chief Technical Strategist with City Index and author of several books, is one of the best  technical analysts out there. His charts are very useful.
  4. @kathylienfx  – Kathy Lien is one of the best strategists out there and also finds time to trade. She provides an interesting mix of tech and fundamental analysis.
  5. @caseystubbs  – Casey Stubbs, founder of Winners’ Edge Trading has excellent insights on markets and loves to help other traders.
  6. @ValBednarik  – Valeria Bednarik of FXStreet is all about forex with  plenty of charts and great observations.
  7. @Tradingnrg  – Lior Cohen is the author of TradingNRG,  with everything you need to know about gold, silver,  oil and other commodities, and also my associate @ Market Movers.
  8. @Brenda_Kelly – Head analyst at LCG, formerly with IG and a regular speaker in various media outlets, she  knows how to grasp the big picture in her own words and  retweet the most relevant information.
  9. @TradersLog  – The  account of the  veteran site Traders Log features interesting  opinions and also  provides alerts about upcoming economic indicators. Very useful.
  10. @FerroTV  – Bloomberg TV’s Jonathan Ferro is one of the brightest minds out there. His morning notes help you focus on the big events of the day, his updates on breaking news are quick and most importantly, he manages to  get the gist of the story instantly and isn’t afraid of sharing his opinion.
  11. @ForexStopHunter – Dale Pinkert, the host of FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room, has  over 30 years of experience in markets and his ideas are gold. He focuses on technical analysis and helping other traders.
  12. @CVecchioFX  – Christopher  Vecchio of DailyFX has a great balance of both technical and fundamental analysis with lots of useful charts. One of the most popular out there.
  13. @leanco  – Lean is an independent  professional FX trader who has excellent insights.
  14. @simonsmithy – Simon Smith, Head of  Research and Director of Operations at FxPro UK brings interesting market observations from himself and from others.
  15. @BabyPips  – “Forex Gump”  is the account behind BabyPips, the education site for new traders, but also brings up forex analysis of all sorts.
  16. @World_First  – The account  managed by Jeremy Cook is one of the fastest out there with  breaking forex related updates among punchy commentary.
  17. @GregaHorvatFX  – Gergor Horvat is all about Elliott Wave Analysis, with tons of charts.
  18. @financemagnates  – Finance Magnates (formerly Forex Magnates) is the No. 1 source for forex industry news.
  19. @ForexFactory  – The account of  one of the largest forex portals curates the best news and discussions on the site.
  20. @cigolo – Quick updates  on breaking news: headlines and indicators, and occasional short jokes.
  21. Francesc_Forex  – Fracnesc Riverola is the president and founder of FXStreet. He  tweets  industry news, bank recommendations and lots more from his own and from the FX twittersphere.
  22. @YanniKouts  –  Yanis Koutsomitis is one of the best sources  for what’s going on in Greece, with curated updates and responses to followers. But it’s not all Greek: he also  tweets other economic and political updates.
  23. @FX_Button – Adam  Button, the editor of Forex Live, always has something smart to say + very useful retweets.
  24. @tradingproverbs – As the name suggests, these are good  trading proverbs which are insightful and inspirational.
  25. @RagheeHorner  – Raghee Horner analyzes markets in a very interesting manner and also reminds traders of the basics from time to time.
  26. @MCarrilloFX – Co-creator of the FXRoom and he FXPoll author, FXstreet’s Mauricio Carrillo brings you up to speed with the big market moves.
  27. @markbartontv  – Mark Barton of Bloomberg TV lives the markets. He brings excellent  annotated charts.
  28. @FXDIRK  – Dirk  Friczewsky provides free FX trades on a daily basis and lots more.
  29. @Riccanomix  – Carl Riccadonna is Bloomberg  Chief US Economist. His analysis of US data and especially teh Fed are very useful.
  30. @PipCzar – Blake Morrow lives, eats and breathes the markets and this can be seen on his Twitter account. His musings are up to date and very amusing.
  31. @jamie_forex – Jamie Coleman, founder of Forex Live, eats, drinks and breathes forex.
  32. @50Pips – 50 Pips is an independent forex professional, coach and mentor. He provides rapid news updates, some of which normal media often ignores. He also  helps traders focus on the important support/resistance zones in the underlying high odds moves.
  33. @aulafx  – Gonçalo Moreira of FXStreet is one of the most sophisticated  and smart technical analysts. His account keeps you up with his trades, and more.
  34. @alaidi  –  Ashraf Laidi is one of the most esteemed forex analysts.
  35. @gregmikeFX  – Greg Michalowski is the Director of Education and Technical analysis at Forex Live and has been in markets for quite a while. Apart from forex education, his instant analysis is very useful.
  36. @tradingview – The account  of charting provider Trading View features a lot of  interesting trading ideas coming from their platform, most of them technical forex trading.
  37. @FXstreetReports – FXStreet Reports, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, the account brings analysis from a wide variety of  contributors encompassing many aspects of FX.
  38. @ForexPeaceArmy_  – The Forex Peace Army site provides reviews about brokers, scams, EA tests and more.
  39. @robbooker – Rob Booker is the host of the Trader’s Podcast as well as an author.
  40. @flacqua – Francine Lacqua of Bloomberg TV is quick with important updates and highlights significant developments often overlooked by others.
  41. @LeapRate – Leap Rate is a good source for forex industry news.
  42. @mckonomy – Michael McKee is the Economics Editor  for Bloomberg TV and Radio and one of the best sources for understanding the Federal Reserve and the US economy with his smart insights.
  43. @JoelKruger – Joel Kruger is a former currency strategist turned full time trader. He combines both skills in his tweets and shares key levels.
  44. @Sean_lee_forex – Sean Lee is an FX trader, formerly of Forex Live. He brings a great mix of fundamental and technical analysis.
  45. @NYTimeskrugman – Paul Krugamn, the Nobel laureate that triggers either applause or loathing is always interesting to read for those focusing on fundamentals.
  46. @Steen_Jakobsen – Chief  Economist and CIO at Saxo Bank has clear views about the big picture of the global economy.
  47. @DorganG – If you are trading the Swiss franc, George Dorgan is a must follow. Also tweets about other things.
  48. @FxProGlobal  – The official FxPro account provides  daily briefs and various market updates.
  49. @DavidJSong – David Song is a currency analyst with DailyFX. Great market observations and lots of charts of all kinds.
  50. @MahiFX –  The official  account of the New Zealand based broker brings you up to speed with  the  main themes.
  51. @MBForex  – Michael  Boutros of DailyFX provides intraday forex updates and plenty of FX charts.
  52. @forex  – The official account behind mataf.net not only has the best twitter handle but also showcases interesting charts.
  53. @Fxflow  – Boris Schlossberg, Kathy Lien’s partner in BK Forex provides excellent real time analysis of the forex market.
  54. @edjmoya  –  Edward Moya , Chief Technical Strategist for World Wide Markets specializes in interpreting the key drivers and  trend in FX.
  55. @DRodriguezFX  – David Rodriguez of DailyFX keeps you up to speed with the markets, including interesting positioning data.
  56. @FOREXcom  – The account of Gain Capital’s forex.com is updated constantly with breaking news and analysis.
  57. @IlyaSpivak  – Ilya Spivak is the global macro strategist for DailyFX and focuses on technical analysis.
  58. @FXstreetUpdate  – Staff updates from FXStreet with good tips for traders among other tweets.
  59. @FXstorm –  Sophia Todorova trades, blogs and lives forex. She provides many educational insights and interacts with the followers.
  60. @JohnKicklighter  – John Kicklighter of DailyFX tackles markets from many angles seeing the big picture as well as interesting tech setups.
  61. @EdMatts  – Ed Matts is a senior technical Strategist at Capital  Management and brings his experience to his followers. A nice mix of charts, technical analysis and correlations between markets.
  62. @chrislorifx  – Chris Lori, CTA is a forex professional that  provides interesting market commentary.
  63. @AdmiralMarkets  – The broker provides analysis as well as an array of educational materials.

If you think  other accounts should be added, or if you are the owner of the account and would like to modify the description, please comment or  get in touch.

Note that not all accounts focus 100% on foreign exchange, but this is natural. Markets are correlated, making also non-forex tweets relevant, and some accounts provide other types of information, but the forex related ones are both prominent enough and most importantly: useful for forex traders.

This is based on a previous list made late 2012 with quite a few changes.

And you’re most welcome to follow Forex Crunch on Twitter.

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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