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NetDania Redesign – Missing on the Small Numbers

NetDania made a big redesign of their forex charts. While the menu and zooming options significantly improved, the small digits make the number hard to read. Review of the redesign.

NetDania, one of the most popular supplier of forex information, redesigned their FinanceChart product, based on Java. The first notable change is that the default chart type is a candle stick chart. This view is what most forex traders use, and making it default is very useful.

NetDania Redesign

Menu: The button menu now includes more options. The time scale buttons now include all the options, and not just a small subset. This is useful for switching quickly from long term to short term overviews and technical analysis.

In the Studies section, it seems that NetDania added more options. While I don’t need so many momentum indicators, oscillators, etc., this rich tool set can be very handy for some forex traders.

Zooming: the most notable change isn’t shown,   it’s intuitive – you can now zoom in and out using the scrolling wheel of the mouse, and it’s possible to move along the charts just by dragging them.

This intuitive feature is used in maps and in other charting services. I find it very useful. Good job NetDania!

They also offer these finance charts in Japanese, Polish and Turkish. There are additional new features…

Now for the shortcoming: the forex rates on the right are hard to read. The digits are just fuzzy. So are the dates on the bottom. Also when using the pin icon to detach the graph and use the full screen, the numbers aren’t clear enough.

I’ve tested it on several computers with different browsers, but the result is the same. This shortcoming is the Achilles heel of an otherwise perfect forex charting product.

I hope that they’ll fix this issue.

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Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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