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See Who’s Winning in Forex – Trader Leaderboard

There are different estimations about the percentage of winners in forex trading. You can now see who is winning in forex trading – Currense launches a trader leaderboard for the forex industry – in real time!

After a rather quiet month from Currensee, they now launched a great feature – users of their platform can see the top winning traders in trading. It includes not only the amount of pips, but also the risk factor. They introduce their Trader Authority Index algorithm for ranking traders.

This launch is part of the future Trade Leaders program, in which winning traders can get rewarded for people following their trades.

Here are more details about this launch, in the official press release:

Currensee Debuts First Real-Time Trader Leaderboard for Forex Industry
Ã¥New feature ranks most successful Forex traders in the Currensee trading social network

Boston, MA April 14, 2010 –  Currensee (http://www.currensee.com), the first Forex trading social network that connects traders from around the world based on real-time trades, today debuted the Forex industry’s first Trader Leaderboard that ranks top Forex traders based on both historical and real-time performance along with a proprietary performance authority and risk index. The new Leaderboard feature is available to all Currensee members, adding an unprecedented level of transparency through access to real-time performance data of the most successful traders in the network.

“Launching the Trader Leaderboard is an exciting step for the Forex community and for Currensee, as we continue to bring trust and transparency to Forex trading,” said Currensee CEO Dave Lemont (http://www.currensee.com/about-us/executive-team/dave-lemont). “Many people in our industry make claims about their performance, which are unrealistic and unsubstantiated.   Our leaderboard changes all of that. Now, the top traders both in performance and risk are clearly highlighted for all our members to see.”

Lemont also sees the Trader Leaderboard as an important milestone as Currensee builds its Trade Leadersâ„¢ investment program (http://www.currensee.com/tradeleaders), which will launch this summer. He says, “Our goal is to give our members the ability to learn from the top traders in the network by putting the most accurate, real-time information right at their fingertips.”

The Trader Leaderboard ranking system will be a key element of the Currensee Trade Leaders investment program (http://www.currensee.com/tradeleaders), which will be launching later this year. The Leaderboard shows annual returns, historical and real-time performance along with risk scores for the top traders in the network. Traders are ranked against the Currensee Trader Authority Indexâ„¢ (TAI), a proprietary algorithm that combines performance, risk and experience into a single index. The Leaderboard also contains a variety of filters and levers for traders to define the types of traders they are looking to connect with, along with ranges of risk, return and experience.

In the coming months, Currensee will be announcing additional details on how traders can invest in the top traders in the Currensee social network through the Trade Leader program. In the meantime, the company is recruiting successful traders to be Trade Leaders. As Currensee Trade Leaders, experienced Forex traders can be compensated for successful trading without the tedious effort of recruiting customers, managing money and reporting results. The call for Trade Leaders was announced in January of this year and successful Forex traders are encouraged to submit for consideration at www.currensee.com/tradeleaders .

Disclosure: I’m affiliated with Currensee.

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