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Forex Daily Outlook – October 28 2010

Unemployment Claims in the US and Japanese Rate decision are the main events today among more interesting news. Let’s see what awaits us today.

In the US, Unemployment Claims, that measures the individuals who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time during the past week is about to rise by 1K. The nation’s earliest economic data that impact fluctuates from week to week. Consumer spending is highly correlated with labor-market conditions.

Later in the US, Natural Gas Storage weekly data of cubic feet of natural gas held in underground storage is 93B as on the previous month. While this is a US indicator, it most affects the loonie due to Canada’s sizable energy sector.

In Europe, Deutsche Bundesbank President Axel Weber due to deliver a speech titled “Global Imbalances: Causes and Challenges”, in Eltville. ECB Governing Council members are often used to drop subtle clues regarding future monetary policy.

Also in  Europe, German Unemployment Change, unemployed people during the previous month is about to rise by 12K and consumer spending is highly correlated with labor-market conditions.

Finally in Europe, European Central Bank (ECB) President Jean-Claude Trichet due to hold a press conference along with the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus Athanasios Orphanides, at the 6th High-level Eurosystem seminar with Mediterranean countries’ central banks, in Pafos.

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In Great Britain, Nationwide House Price Index (HPI); the selling price of homes with mortgages backed by Nationwide about to reduces by 4%. UK’s second earliest report on housing inflation and impact significantly, the rising house prices attract investors and spur industry activity.

More in Great Britain, Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Realized Sales: Monthly Survey of about 160 retail and wholesale companies which asks respondents to rate the relative level of current sales volume. Retailer and wholesaler sales are directly influenced by consumer buying levels.

Finally in Britain, GfK Consumer Confidence; Monthly Survey of about 2,000 consumers which asks respondents to rate the relative level of past and future economic conditions including personal financial situation, climate for major purchases, and overall economic situation will reduces by 9 points. Accounts for a majority of overall economic activity.

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In Switzerland, Swiss National Bank (SNB) Governing Board Chairman Philipp Hildebrand due to deliver a speech titled “The challenges of monetary policy and the housing market” at the Economy Day Ticino, in Lugano. Traders scrutinize his public engagements as they are often used to drop subtle clues regarding future monetary policy.

In Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Annual Report that provides a summary of the prior year’s operations including the bank’s open market transactions, financial statements, currency operations, and internal management.

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In New Zealand, Building Consents, monthly date of the number of new building approvals issued is -17.8% as on the previous month. It produces a wide-reaching ripple effect.

Later in New Zealand, Trade Balance monthly date of the value between imported and exported goods during the reported month is about to raise by 89 M. foreigners must buy the domestic currency to pay for the nation’s exports. Export demand also impacts production and prices at domestic manufacturers;

In Japan, Japanese Rate decision- maintained interest rates near zero level at 0.10%. The same policy is expected to continue now.

More in Japan, Monetary Policy Statement & BOJ Press Conference in which the Speaker is BOJ Governor. It covers the factors that affected the most recent interest rate decision, the overall economic outlook, inflation, and clues regarding future monetary policy;

Finally in Japan, Tokyo Core CPI is about to drop down by -7%, while the National Core CPI will remain -1.0% like on the previous month. Consumer prices account for a majority of overall inflation. Inflation is important to currency valuation because rising prices lead the central bank to raise interest rates out of respect for their inflation containment mandate;

That’s it for today. Happy forex trading!

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