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Forex Daily Outlook – June 10 2011

Monthly Budget Statement in the US and CPI in Europe are the major events this day. Here is an outlook on the market-movers awaiting us.

In the US, Monthly Budget Statement summarizes the monetary activities of federal units, disbursing officers, and Federal Reserve banks, further reduce from -40.49 Billion US dollar in May to -150.00 Billion US dollar now predicted.

Later in the US, Import Price Index, measuring changes in the rates of imported products. An indicator of inflation, -0.7% is expected. Meantime Export Price Index is predicted to gain 1.1%

In Canada, Unemployment Rate the percentage of people actively seeking employment and affects consumer spending an indicator of economic conditions, was 7.6% in May, and it’s expected to remain the same.

More in Canada, Net Change in Employment, measuring change in the number workers in Canada has a major impact on the market. Was 58.3K in May, and reduce to 20K is now expected.

Finally in Canada, Labor Productivity Study that measure the average efficiency of real GDP worked per hour, to specify regarding health situation of overall work force in Canada, rise of 0.4% is expected and 0.9% is forecasted now.

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In Europe, Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Germany, measures the cost of living by comparing basket of goods and services including volatile components, was 0.2% on May and is likely to reduce by 0.2% now.

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In Great Britain, Producer Price Index (Input), based on a monthly survey that is measuring change in costs of products made by UK manufacturers and an indicator of inflation, was 0.7% in April and a rise to 1.3% is now predicted.

Late in Great Britain, Producer Price Index (Output), based on a monthly survey measuring change of prices of finished goods affecting retail prices, was 5.3% in May and expected to remain the same this time.

More in Great Britain, Industrial Production, measures changes of output in mining, manufacturing, construction and energy sectors in the UK a strong indicator of industrial conditions, was 0.3% in April and now expected to reduce to 0%.

Later in Great Britain, Manufacturing Production, measuring the manufacturing productivity, and can affect the total GDP, was 0.2% in April, now reduce is expected to -0.1%.

Finally in Britain, NIESR GDP Estimate, (National Institute of Economic and Social Research). Measures the last 3 months value of all the goods and services produced within the UK. 0.3% is predicted this time.

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In Japan, Consumer Confidence Index, a leading indicator of economic health by the Cabinet Office that measuring the level of consumer confidence in economic activity, was 33.1% in May and a rise to 34.5% is predicted now.

More in Japan, Tertiary Industry Index, by the Ministry of Economy, measures the domestic service sector in Japan, in May was -6% and a rise to 2.7% is expected this time.

That’s it for today. Happy forex trading!



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