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FXCM Announces Faster MT4 Offering

US forex broker FXCM launches a new version of its MetaTrader 4 offering. The new version eliminates third party bridge software, thus enabling faster execution and it claims that traders coming from other brokers will see a big difference.

The new offering came after FXCM saw the high demand for this platform. FXCM enables EAs, including scalping ones with this version.

FXCM is currently the second largest retail broker in the US, and has a lot of business outside the US.

For more details on the MT4 offering, read the full press release below:

FXCM Launches Improved and Faster

MetaTrader 4 Offering

New York, January 24, 2012″”FXCM Inc. (NYSE: FXCM) has  kicked off the new year by launching a new, improved, and faster version of their MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform offering.  MT4 is one of the most popular platforms used by many brokers around the world, especially in Europe, Australia, and Asia. FXCM saw the demand for this platform early on and has added it to its suite of platform offerings.

With FXCM’s newest MT4 offering, it  has taken the next step to providing, what it believes to be, the best MT4 trading experience in the marketplace.  FXCM  has added new trading features like micro lots (0.01 trade sizes), max deviation, and the ability for MT4 traders to use FXCM’s mobile products so MT4 traders can trade anytime and anywhere*.

“FXCM is most excited about the seamless integration of the MT4 platform with its No Dealing Desk forex execution,” said Drew Niv, CEO of FXCM. “This is our fastest, most improved version of MetaTrader 4 yet.  MT4 is one of the most popular forex trading platforms on the planet. And when you pair it with FXCM’s acclaimed No Dealing Desk forex execution, we believe that you have one of the best trading experiences available.”

FXCM eliminated 3rd party bridge software, which, in turn, eliminated auto syncs and sped up order submission and execution.  Traders who are currently using this platform with other brokers will see a big difference when trading on the new FXCM MT4.  Due to MT4’s seamless integration, traders will not only feel a faster trading experience, but will continue to experience no trading restrictions**, and all types of traders and expert advisors will be welcomed.

Since FXCM strives to be the number one destination for the MT4 community, over the next few months FXCM plans to add more resources and tools specifically for MT4 traders.


  • Create stop-loss and take-profit orders while creating market and entry orders.
  • Choose to close a trade entirely, or scale out by closing a portion of it.
  • Trade in micro lots (0.01 trade sizes).
  • Control potential slippage with max deviation.
  • Trade new currency pairs, such as: USD/ZAR, USD/SGD, USD/HKD, SGD/JPY, USD/TRY, EUR/TRY, USD/RUB, EUR/HUF, USD/HUF.

  • Use any EA, even scalping EAs
  • Free Virtual Private Server (VPS) access for qualified accounts” .
  • Unlimited access to DailyFX PLUS: forex trading signals, educational courses, and more.
  • 24-hour phone, chat, and e-mail support for MetaTrader 4 account holders.

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