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GFT Has Highest US Client Profitability in Q1 2012,

40.6% of the clients trading with US Forex broker GFT were profitable during Q1 2012, giving it the first place. Oanda’s figures were very close, 39.8%. Other brokers are a bit behind.

The number of US forex traders hasn’t really changed during the quarter, but there have been some changes.

Oanda remains the largest broker in the US, with over 23K accounts. FXCM has just under 20K in the US, holding the second place. FXCM has a significant presence in Asia.

Michael Greeneberg of Forex Magnates provides the interesting data. Please visit his article to see where your broker stands.

Greenberg notes that the figures for the merged brokers IBFX and TradeStation appear here for the first time. The new entity also saw an overall rise of 5.2% in the number of clients. Both things place them in the third place in terms of the number of clients, with 11,734.

They passed by a marginal 141 clients the number of traders Gain Capital has. GFT, which is the most profitable broker this time, is third with 9,376 clients.

Another interesting piece of information comes CitiFX Pro, which revealed its figures for the first time. They have a small number of clients, which probably have huge counts, therefore distorting the profitability numbers.

Here is why account size matters

The second quarter of 2012 is more calm than the first one in terms of news flow. It will be interesting to see how clients will feel it.


Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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