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Finally…An App That Can Deliver Desktop-Like Forex Charting On

Hugh Kimura of Trading Heroes  reviews Trade Interceptor, a free iPhone / Android Forex charting app in the video below.

I  have been trading on my phone for awhile. My first experience was with an FXSolutions app on my Windows Phone…yeah, talk about old school. Since then, there haven’t been too many really big advancements in mobile Forex trading.

Order execution is usually not the issue on mobile devices (in my experience), that almost always works well. It’s charting and all the other things you get on a regular desktop computer that do not translate well to a mobile device. However, I recently discovered a Forex trading app that I believe really can do everything you need.

Trade Interceptor Review
1 hour EURUSD chart on top, daily chart on the bottom

This is the first time that I have seen an app that is able to do stuff like this…two different time period charts on the same screen, with multiple indicators:

Although this app is still pretty new (and still gaining traction), I feel that the creators really understand what a Forex trader needs and have been able to deliver in most areas. It’s not perfect yet, but I see huge potential for finally being able to ditch your desktop.

If you have been pretty disappointed with mobile trading apps so far, then this video is for you. In this video, you will learn:

  • What I have been using to trade on my phone thus far (and why it sucks)
  • The reasons why I’m excited about this app
  • Where there is still room for improvement
  • How much this app costs
  • Which mobile platforms it is currently available for
  • How well it stacks up against the free MetaTrader 5 app

To find out what app it is, check out this video (fast forward to 4:25 to find out what the app is):


Do you trade a lot on your phone or tablet? What is your favorite mobile trading app? We would love to hear your comments below.

Hugh Kimura loves to surf, drink coffee with butter and discover new trading technology.  His goal is to become a pro trader and while he is waiting for trades to setup, he blogs about strategy development, optimizing your body/mind for trading and tech tutorials at  Trading Heroes.  

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