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In a raining market, investors can still find a silver

Nick Batsford and Richard Hunter are joined in the Tip TV studio by Marcus Ashworth – Head of fixed income at Espirito Santo Investment Bank – to discuss entry points into the market for investors, and how low oil prices becoming the norm is a step in the right direction.


Who are the best and worst performers?

When the markets are on the verge of crashing, it’s not always bad news for investors waiting in the wings. As Ashworth points out, falling prices produce great bargains on good stocks. He believes European stocks are the only place that continues to see gains in equities, and that US and UK stocks are still the safest places to invest, but the difficulty is finding strong growth.

Falling oil prices are a reversal, and great news for most

Having broken below the $40 per barrel mark, oil prices are looking no closer to bouncing. While this is bad news for economies heavily dependent on oil production (i.e. OPEC countries), this is great news for others, who are seeing stronger equity prices as a result.

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