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Rate trade coming to an end; Market priced in Fed

Normalisation is the name of the game, according to Ryan Littlestone, Director and Trading Analyst for Forex Live, when he joined Zak Mir, technical analyst for ShareProphets.com, and Alan Green, CEO for Brand Communications, on the Tip TV Finance Show to discuss Gold, the Fed and the USD/JPY.


USD/JPY: Take advantage of dovish hike

A day before the big Federal Reserve meeting, Littlestone highlighted the two big red candles, but with the market believed to have been priced-in to the trade, upside will be difficult to come by. However, an initial pop is possible, but if we don’t break any highs then the long USD rate trade will come to an end. He added that Fed action is going to be one of the most dovish hikes ever, with data not great but steady enough in the US to deem a hike.

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