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Global Economy – Boom or Bust?

“Look at the world with a long-term view” says James Helliwell, Head of Markets for the Lex Van Dam Trading Academy, as he joins the tip tv finance show to discuss – FX basket, inflation expectations, asset allocation, and the state of the global economy, with Zak Mir, Technical Analyst, Zaks Traders Café.

Key Points:

  • “Looking at FX basket for measuring inflation expectations”
  • “Look at the world longer-term and plan a month in advance, so you don’t get caught in the market churn.”
  • “Asset Allocation suggests a shift in expectations for the world economy”
  • “Boom or Bust? – Global growth has been downgraded, with the U.S approaching zero”
  • Inflation or Deflation?
  • Assuming bust over boom, it all comes down to the dollar –

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