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TopBrokers.com Portal Creates a Section About US Forex Companies

The U.S. dollar is the most traded currency globally, taking up over 80% of the trading volume. If you are a trader or investor residing in the U.S., you’ve probably gained an interest in trading the USD because of it being the most liquid currency. However, you might have noticed there are only a few Forex companies available to trade currencies with. This is because to protect its people, the U.S. has imposed stricter Forex trading-related rules and measures.  

Before a Forex broker can provide trading services to US clients, it must be regulated by the National Futures Association or NFA. Also, it must possess a registration from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission or   CFTC. These two agencies impose heavy requirements to companies that intend to enter the US financial markets.  

You must be wondering which Forex brokers have passed these heavy requirements. Don’t look anywhere else, as Forex portal TopBrokers.com has everything you need to know about these brokers.  

TopBrokers.com Unveils US Forex Companies Section

We understand how hard it is to gather information about brokers authorized to serve the U.S. clients. So,  

to cater to the needs of traders from the U.S., TopBrokers, a leading Forex companies information portal, has recently rolled out a section about Forex brokers, accepting US traders. In this section, users will get to see all the brokers allowed to provide trading services to U.S. traders. Broker information such as regulation, broker type, deposit requirement and spreads, among others, are available in the section.  

Compare Several US Brokers at a Time

Torn between two Forex brokers? Do you want to know which broker is better when it comes to specific features? With TopBrokers, a unique comparison feature allows you to compare not just two, but several brokers at a time to see which one is at an advantage. You can do this by simply adding the brokers you’d like to put in comparison. This is such a useful tool as it allows you to sift through different brokers much easier. When you compare brokers, it gives you a clearer view of how they match from one another, and eventually helps you make a decision on which broker to trade with.  

Some of the US brokers in TopBrokers portal include Forex.com, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, IG and Oanda. When it comes to regulation, these brokers are on a different level because of how strict the US can be to protect its people. The government and the agencies that oversee the country’s financial markets regularly adjust the rules and guidelines to prevent customer abuse.  

TopBrokers.com – Your One-Stop-Portal for Forex Broker Information

TopBrokers, since its inception, has been providing useful Forex broker information to users from all over the world. With so much information about Forex brokers from different online resources, it can be a challenge to gather all the info you need. TopBrokers eliminates that challenge. Now, everything you need to know about a broker can be found in one place.

Access all these information at TopBrokers.com:

  • Forex Brokers Information: Know more about a Forex broker and see if it matches your preferences. Learn more about their regulation, spreads, deposit requirement, leverage, promotions and offerings, as well as webinars and seminars.
  • Forex Broker Reviews: Get insights from other traders! Discover if a broker has any history of cheating, or if a complaint has been filed against them
  • Forex Forecasts and Analyses: Aside from providing information about different Forex brokers, TopBrokers also provides forecasts on currency pairs. Plus, market news and analyses are available to keep traders on the loop.  

Final Thoughts

The Forex industry continues to grow bigger, and for sure, it will be much difficult for authorities to regulate the equally growing trading activities. But luckily, there are Forex brokers portals like TopBrokers.com that provide comprehensive information and reviews about brokers in the market today. As long as there are Forex traders that need help, TopBrokers will continue to provide useful information to its users.  

As for the U.S. clients, the US Forex companies section of TopBrokers will surely help you identify which broker meets your trading preferences. Start comparing now using the portal’s comparison tool.