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Financial Planning Can Help

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It usually goes without saying that you need to save money for various goals to achieve financial security. However, many people fail to create a full financial plan for some reason. From having a low income to feeling like writing down a financial plan is extremely difficult, people avoid this task and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, without a proper plan, it is extremely difficult to achieve your financial goals, especially long-term ones. In reality, everyone can create a financial plan, and its benefits definitely outweigh potential difficulties.

The Advantages of Financial Planning

For some people, it might not be obvious, but financial plans are actually extremely useful. Even if you currently have a low income and debts, with a financial plan, you should be able to come up with a strategy to pay off debts and reach the level of financial security that you want. Here are some of the major benefits of financial planning.

Financial Confidence

Becoming an adult usually feels like being thrown into the world without a plan for your life. Financial planning is what gives many people confidence in their day-to-day lives and in the future. Having a financial plan to follow not only increases your overall feeling of security but also allows achieving set money goals. In addition, financial planning is flexible and can be tailored to everyone’s needs and possibilities.

Starting Saving Up

When people do not have a lot of money to start with, they often think that they should not be able to even create a financial plan. In reality, financial plans are for everyone, and they can be especially useful for low-income households. With a thorough financial plan, people start to understand how their money works, how to allocate their salaries more efficiently, and even start saving up little by little. When you have some sort of plan written on paper, it is much easier to monitor your money, avoid some unnecessary expenses, and eventually have at least some spare cash to put into savings.

Creating an Investment Portfolio

Investing might seem so distant and impossible for people that do not know how to manage their money. Financial planning teaches a lot about managing your finances and increasing your earnings. As soon as people become more comfortable with their capital through financial planning, they begin to think about investing. It is so simple to invest money online today. Many people start with alternative investment platforms, such as Quanloop. It is extremely convenient for beginners and experienced investors alike, as the smallest investment possible is only 1 euro. For those uncertain about where to invest money online, alternative investment services might come in handy.

Improving Money Habits and Learning New Ones

Financial planning might be tedious and difficult at first, but it eventually becomes routine. It is important to cultivate good money management habits to make financial planning efficient. Here are some of the nice habits you can adapt to achieve financial security:

  • Spending less than you earn – this is the most basic principle of money management. It is crucial to have some money left by the end of every month to be able to save up and avoid debt.
  • Invest funds – investing is a great way of having additional income and generating decent interest for the future.
  • Pay off debts first – before saving up, it is important to get rid of the debts first. Debts will only drag you down, leaving you without financial security and the ability to save up efficiently.
  • Create an emergency fund – everyone needs to have emergency money ready. Apart from saving up for other goals like buying something expensive, you should always add to your emergency fund. It is equally important to make it untouchable unless it is a real emergency, such as becoming temporarily unemployed or having to pay urgent medical bills.
  • Adjust your financial plan – your plan should be reviewed sometimes to see whether you need to change something.

While financial planning might seem restricting, it is actually quite liberating as you become more confident with your money and secure at the same time.


Gary McFarlane

Gary McFarlane

Gary was the production editor for 15 years at highly regarded UK investment magazine Money Observer. He covered subjects as diverse as social trading and fixed income exchange traded funds. Gary initiated coverage of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at Money Observer and for three years to July 2020 was the cryptocurrency analyst at the UK’s No. 2 investment platform Interactive Investor. In that role he provided expert commentary to a diverse number of newspapers, and other media outlets, including the Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and the Sun. Gary has also written widely on cryptocurrencies for various industry publications, such as Coin Desk and The FinTech Times, City AM, Ethereum World News, and InsideBitcoins. Gary is the winner of Cryptocurrency Writer of the Year in the 2018 ADVFN International Awards.