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After the ICM polls hit the pound hard we had the TNS poll that came out with the same tendency: strong momentum for a Brexit.

And now, a ComRes poll still shows  a tight race with 46% for Breamin and 45% for Brexit. However, the same firm  had already shown a big lead for Remain.

In addition, more information regarding the TNS poll  explains that the methodology change since their previous poll favors  Remain. This makes the impact even stronger. All in all, the polls that showed a shift towards Leave in late May cannot be dismissed as they turn into a massive move towards the ext.  Nevertheless, things can still change many times until the June 23rd vote.

After we had GBP/JPY break under 150, perhaps the main pound pair, cable, can make a move under the round number of  1.40. This will not be a multi-year low like in the Geppy, but this will still be meaningful.

GBP/USD is flirting around 1.41 at the time of writing. Before the round number of 1.40 we have support at 1.4050. Further support is at the cycle low of 1.3830. Resistance awaits at 1.4150.

Here is the GBP/USD chart:

GBPUSD June 15 2016 technical chart