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The ministers of the Eurogroup have reached a deal for a 4 month extension for the Greek bailout. This includes no new austerity one on hand but no new  measures on the other side. It also requires a Greek document ready by Monday in which more details are provided.

Germany and  Greece are beginning to claim victory. For EUR/USD, it means some relief that could likely lead to a temporary rise, before monetary policy divergence weighs on the pair. And, the Greek crisis is probably  far from being over, it just enters a spring break.

Earlier, EUR/USD shot higher above resistance. It seems to settle there as markets draw to a close.

A press conference is set to  provide some more details, but the mere fact that a deal has been reached is the most important part.

Dutch finance minister Dijsselbloem speaks

  • Flexibility in the program.
  • A successful review will allow disbursing of funds.
  • The request for extending the program required conditions from Greece.
  • Firm commitment to refrain from rolling back actions.
  • Greece honors financial obligations and debt sustainability.
  • The institutions will take the economic circumstances into account with the primary surplus. No new number for the primary surprlus
  • A first list of reform measures based on the current arrangements on Monday.
  • The institutions will then provide if this is sufficiently comprehensive for a successful completion of the review.
  • This will enhance decisions.
  • Further  specification will be done by the end of April.
  • Next week, national procedures will be launched for approving the extension by the end of February.
  • This is a very positive outcome.

EU’s  Moscovici  talking now.

  • Confident in a positive outcome
  • If the Greek proposals are good Monday, we will proceed and approve and this will be the final stage for the extension.
  • We will then continue working on the substance of the policies.
  • Measures to include sound policies are needed.
  • The Greek tax administration must be more effective.
  • Social fairness is also necessary.
  • Good faith is a major issue there.
  • However,  there is also a sense of urgency.
  • We have shown our  efforts.
  • Trust is necessary.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde talks now:

  • Dijsselbloem has put a lot of energy here.
  • Every part is important i the statement.
  • The IMF continues in its supervisory role.
  • Very constructive process.
  • End of April: final list of reforms to be agreed upon.
  • After a delivery, disbursements can be made.
  • We all have to pay attention to the financial point of view.

OK, there’s nothing new anymore. Here is more information and have a great weekend:

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EUR/USD spike

Here is the chart, which already shows the spike higher. 1.1373 is  a critical line that served as a separator of ranges:

EURUSD rising sharply on optimism on Greece February 20 2015 euro dollar Greek crisis

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