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I’m delighted to announce that Forex Crunch is one of the founding members of the Factory News Network, on the Forex Factory website.

Forex Factory is my favorite forex hub. I’ve been submitting my news stories to Forex Factory for quite some time. In a blog post released earlier, they’re announced the formation of Factory News Network, which will be the sole supplier of Forex news to their site.

I’m proud to be one of the founding members of this excellent team of bloggers and companies. Here are the other members of the initial team:

Other people will gradually join the team. The team will post their own stories and also other stories from around the web. I’m looking forward to collaborate with the other members to create a great blend of forex news.

Forex Crunch will continue to include a mix of news, outlooks, basic forex stuff, forex software, links for the weekend and practically any forex related content of interest to the readers. Naturally, only the relevant content will be submitted to FNN.

With the return of markets to normal volume after August ends next week, we’re in for exciting times.