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The month of April was very similar to March: the changes in the metrics were quite minimal. In comparison to April 2011, there was a big rise in page views.

After some slower traffic around Easter, it picked The Fed decision certainly drew attention. May promises to be an exciting month, at least in Europe, where a dramatic political shift is expected and can impact traffic. A monthly report was released for the first time at the wake of this month.

So, here are the numbers for April:

  • Page Views:  350,713.
  • Visits: 143,706.
  • Visitors: 54,562.
  • Time on Site: 2:59.
  • Average Pageviews: 2.44.
  • Bounce Rate: 50.33%
  • RSS Subscribers: 4,792(April 29).
  • Newsletter subscribers: 8,597.

For reference, here the figures for March  and for  February.

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