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March saw a nice rise in page views and page views per visit in comparison to February and also to a rise in comparison to March 2011.

The drama in the European debt crisis was significant, but as the “can was kicked down the road”, no big long term moves were seen, and the actual drama wasn’t as big as expected.

April consists of the bigger tests to the strength of the US economy and the dollar, but also consists of the Easter holiday. It will be interesting to see how the month evolves.

So, here are the numbers for March:

  • Page Views:  355,597.
  • Visits: 147,663  .
  • Visitors: 57,131  .
  • Time on Site: 2:51.
  • Average Pageviews: 2.41.
  • Bounce Rate: 51.39%
  • RSS Subscribers: 4,815 (March 29).
  • Newsletter subscribers: 7,632.

Here are the figures for February and for January.

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