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Here are some interesting forex-related articles for reading during the weekend. All of them have a scope of more than one day’s trading.

  • Casey Stubbs checks out the strengthening correlation between the financial markets and currency trading. In his charts you can see the correlation quite clearly.
  • Eric DeCarbonnel dives into the Fed’s exit strategy from the crisis and concludes there’s no real strategy. He believes that inflation will take over.
  • James Chen offers a webinar about maximizing trade opportunities in forex. This is interesting for both beginners and experienced forex traders.
  • James W, of the forex articles, offers a forex trading template for you to download. He explains the template on the GBP/USD graph.
  • Adam Kritzer looks into the ECB rate policy and suggest that the deflationary Euro zone could have rates unchanged till 2011! This is bearish news for EUR/USD.

There’s never enough time to read all the interesting news out there. I believe that the discussion about the upcoming NFA ruling against hedging will heat up in the next week. I think that forex traders will switch brokers.

Have a great weekend!