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Forex Crunches for the Weekend

The past week saw some return of the risk on / risk off moves, after a very short break. Before the markets reopen for the last week of March, it’s time to sit sit back and enjoy some long-term forex reads. Enjoy!

Spain took Greece’s spot in the European debt crisis. Nevertheless, Greece is still deep in the woods, as the IMF demands 12 billion euros of cuts in the next three months. If not, it may withhold the next tranche of aid.

  • Lior Cohen analyzes the Saudi move to expand oil production. Will it bring prices down?
  • John Ward discusses the “rain in Spain”, as the fourth largest euro-zone economy returns to the headlines.
  • Lisa Pollack analyzes the effects of LTRO 1 and 2, now that we have some perspective. Is it helping the real economy?
  • Jay Norris talks about the S&P 500 / Aussie correlation and fractal geometry after correlations underwent a shift.
  • Kathy Lien explains why USD/JPY could reach 90, following the recent run.
  • Larry Greenberg discusses the various US presidential options, as the Republican primaries continue.
  • Adam Button explains why it’s hard to remain bullish on gold.
  • Casey Stubbs provides a nice tutorial about trading breakouts.
  • Andriy Moraru brings an interest poll about trade execution speed. How important is it to you? Here’s why execution is everything.
  • James Woolley provides three profitable trading strategies that generated quite a few pips in the last few months.
  • Michael Greenberg reports about a new forex brokerage launching in the UK: Tradenext.
  • Francesc Riverola announces an expansion of FXStreet to the Spanish media market, with the launch of Media712. Good luck!

Here are long term articles published on Forex Crunch recently:

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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