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Here’s a nice collection of forex-related articles for reading this weekend. All the articles below have a scope of more than on day’s trading:

  • Michael Greenberg of Forex Magnates, writes about how the economic recovery will hurt forex trading. I think that forex trading will stay strong, and I have a few reasons for that.
  • James Chen dives into the important technical issue of trading divergences in forex. Interesting for advanced technicians.
  • Adam Kritzer notes the comeback of the Japanese Yen, just when carry trades were becoming popular again. He explains the reasons for this renewed force. I prefer to focus on the Dollar Yen correlation, which was evident recently.
  • Mark Thomas, on Winners Edge Trading,  discusses the importance of using a forex tracking tool for reviewing and improving your trades.
  • Tim Barnby, the No-Nonsense Trader, talks about the importance of setting goals in forex trading and to avoid over trading.

That’s it for now. There’s always lots to read and little time.

Have a great weekend!