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Here are interesting forex-related articles for the weekend. It’s an extended edition, due to the long labor day weekend in the US:

  • Mohammed Isah has an interesting analysis on AUD/USD. I also wrote about the  Aussie breakout.
  • Casey Stubbs lists 45 ways to avoid losing money in forex trading.
  • Kathy Lien explains the contrast between the Non-Farm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate, and also takes a look at the past big unemployment dip, back in 1983.
  • James Chen dives into the issue of moving averages, for determining the trend.
  • Adam Kritzer of the forex blog reports that forex volume is down, and discusses the implications.
  • James W discusses why so many forex traders end up losing money.
  • Larry Greenberg looks at the past week with a look to the past. There are interesting notes about  seasonal behavior in the markets.
  • Michael Greenberg updates on the accelerated talks between the SEC and the CFTC on merger plans. This regulatory change will impact forex trading.
  • TheLFB discuss the power of a headline to move the markets.
  • Eric deCarbonnel outlines a catastrophic scenario for a collapse of the US economy. Though still not finished, the article is an interesting read.
  • Jay Norris talks about what separates professional traders from novice ones. He has an interesting point about stop loss points.

Have a great weekend!