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After a volatile week and before a new one begins, it’s time to sit back and read some long-term forex-related articles. Here are my picks. Enjoy:

  • Michael Storm, on Casey’s site, asks what are the making of a good scalper trader, and provides some answers.
  • James Wooley explains the price oscillator indicator with examples.
  • Francesc Riverola reports that GFT is expected to launch fractional pips quite soon. Will other brokers follow?
  • Michael Greenberg dives into misleading PRs and examines the case of FXDD. There are worse things, such as Crown’s reincarnation.
  • Adam Kritzer follows the emerging markets, that continue shining, no matter what happens elsewhere.
  • Andrei raises a poll about the worst enemy a forex trader has. The results are interesting.
  • Larry Greenberg examines the two roles of the Federal Reserve and how it balances between them.
  • James Chen talks about trading forex only on price action.

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