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Using Sortfix, I found that forex is associated with easy money. Anyone in the field knows that it isn’t easy. Too many sites promising easy or automatic money probably caused this situation.  

Sortfix is a tool that helps find the right stuff on the web. It uses a few search engines for searching (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and then offers “power words” to refine the search. These power words are other keywords or phrases that it finds related to the original phrase.

sortfix forex easy money

While the other keywords are very related: trading, currency, foreign exchange, etc., the phrase “easy money” captured my eye. This isn’t accidental: Using Sortfix for quite some time, I’ve learned to trust it.

The phrase “easy money” is related to forex since there are lots of websites that claim that forex trading is easy money. Such sites claim that they know how to beat the market, and that money virtually falls from the sky in forex.  

Companies that claim that forex is easy money offer automatic robots that supposedly create and endless cash stream. I find these forex autopilots very problematic. If it would be that easy, wouldn’t everybody be making money? If everybody would be making money, who would lose it?

I don’t have recent figures, but as far I know, the majority of forex traders lose money. Making money with forex sure is possible, but it isn’t easy. No easy money in forex. Sorry.

In order to separate forex autopilots from their bad image, I prefer open source forex software. With open source, the methods that are used to automate forex trading are visible to everyone – they can be examined, questioned and modified. Open source forex software is much more reliable than a shiny sites offering easy money.

Sortfix is an excellent tool for fine tuning searches and understanding trends. I also found interesting things about another one of my favorite issues: forex demo account.

I’ll write about in the near future…