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Emmanuel Macron leads the first round according to the OpinionWay poll with 23%, above Le Pen’s 22% and with Fillon moving  down with 20%. Melechon closes the list with 19%.

In the run-off, Macron is stable with 64% against Le Pen’s 36%. Fillon loses ground: 58% against 42%, a two-point  shift towards Le Pen. All in all, the poll provides a bit more clarity and is more favorable for Macron.

A higher chance for Macron is favorable for the euro. Macron is a centrist and a pro-European while Le Pen wants a referendum on France’s EU membership.

French voters go to the polls in six days and the race looks closer than ever.

EUR/USD trades relatively  steadily at 1.0655.

The same poll showed Le Pen and Macron tied at 22%, Fillon at 21% and Melenchon at 18%.  In a potential second round run off, Macron was seen as winning by 64% to 36% while Fillon beating Le Pen by 60% to 40%.

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