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A poll published while  voting is underway shows a  slightly wider  majority for the No Thanks  campaign on Scotland: 53% against 47% for Yes. This is an  IPSOS-Mori poll for the Evening Standard. A previous poll for the same company showed a narrow  majority of only 51% against 51%. It is important to note that this poll excludes the undecideds.

GBP/USD is trading higher, around 1.6330, totally erasing the  FOMC related slide. 1.6335 is resistance – it twas the previous high. 1.6250 is support.

When results are in, the pair is likely to trade at even wider ranges.

Looking at the odds at the bookies, we also see here a  bigger chance for a No vote: a Yes vote pays out 17/4 (5.25 decimal) while No pays out 1/5 (1.2 decimal).

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