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Leverate, which provides tools for forex brokers, launches significant upgrades to the client interface integrated with MT4 and other platforms in their Private Label offerings.

The company, which got an investment from Saxo Bank, continues to work hard to enahcne their products. Leverate hopes that this new interface will allow liquidity providers to become more lucrative and forex brokers will enjoys better spreads.

Here is more information from the official press release:

Leverate Further Improves Client Reporting Interface

Leverate, the premium Forex broker solutions provider, announces major upgrades to their proprietary Client Reporting Interface, integrated with the MT4 Client, CRM and Risk Management systems. The web-based Client Reporting Interface is offered as a part of Leverate’s Private Label to provide brokers with sophisticated and customizable reports, assisting them with assessing their businesses from a user-friendly and comprehensive system.


Leverate’s Reporting Interface has been developed in-house and is easy to customize to match the needs of clients.   It is possible to monitor and manage traders’ activities, as the system’s infrastructure gives a comprehensive analysis of the overall activity or the performance of individual traders.   A wide array of reporting capabilities are available, such as Trades Log, Monthly Summary, Group Daily Summary, Instrument Summary, amongst a variety of others.   Customized reports are also available per each client’s requirements and requests.


The administrative functions are entirely web-based, permitting the access of reports 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.   This makes daily life simpler and more efficient, allowing brokers to focus on developing and growing their businesses. Brokers will be able to monitor their profitability, countries, traders and rejections all from one interface.

Liquidity providers can also benefit from Leverate’s Reporting Interface, as they will be able to login at any time to monitor the percentage of trades they receive from Leverate, along with viewing their commission and ranking against other Liquidity Providers.   Leverate is providing full transparency, allowing the Liquidity Providers to take advantage of the opportunity to improve liquidity with Leverate and fine tune their spreads to be more advantageous.

Leverate’s VP of Sales, Juan Jutgla, comments:

“The recent improvements done to Leverate’s Reporting system will provide a great benefit to our clients and partners.   Not only will it allow our partners [liquidity providers]to become more lucrative, but it will enable our brokers to have the best possible spreads, thus increasing their profitability.   We are very enthusiastic about this new development and are certain that our clients will find the data from the reports to be useful and help them to manage their business in an even more productive and efficient way.”


About Leverate:

Leverate delivers innovative solutions enabling Forex brokers and financial institutions to increase conversions, minimize risk and reach new markets.

Leverate’s cutting-edge solutions, powered by breakthrough technology, provide market players an end-to-end suite of products to operate the most successful and competitive brokerages in the Forex industry.