Muslim Brotherhood Wants War With Israel


Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a war with it’s eastern neighbor.

Speaking with Iranian television station Al-Alam, Mohamed Ghanem blamed Israel for supporting Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Ghanem also said that the Egyptian police and army won’t be able to stop the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Update: February 1, 11:15 GMT: Opposition plans to Declare Liberated Zone in one Delta City

A multitude of people is gathering towards the million man march in Cairo. Similar protests are planed in other cities. The strong force in Egypt is the army, that enables the current huge protest.

There are doubts about the loyalty of the Egyptian army to president Mubarak. If the brotherhood takes control over Egypt, it will be very messy from the whole region.

In the meantime, EUR/USD , GBP/USD other pairs have enjoyed the relative calm in the Egyptian crisis and regained most of their losses on Friday. An escalation will send them down, and will strengthen the dollar, yen and Swiss franc.

Update: Israel was attacked by Grad rockets fired from the Gaza. While Israel approved that 800 Egyptian soldiers reinforce the limited forces in Sinai, the Islamic movement Hammas, which is in good ties with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, fired at Israel.

The one-million march is expected on Tuesday in Cairo. Will this be the end of Mubarak?

Update, February 2nd, 22:00 GMT: There’s a rumor that the Obama told the Egyptian army to throw Mubarak. Now.

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  1. If you declare war like a raving lunitic and violate the peace treaty Israel will flatten you within a matter of hours.

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  12. even from the new world the idea of the “brotherhood” taking over egypt is clearly a bad decision. hopefully the nation’s citizens realise this now before it’s too late.
    Egyptions need only look within their borders to find solutions before blaming their neighbour to the north for everything that’s wrong.

  13. war in the middle -east means higher fuel prices for the worthless us population . no peace with zog .

  14. I’m Israeli. While criticizing Egypt may be easy, keep in mind their army is massive and their hardware is US-made. Even though their soldiers are largely incompetent and their generals are sub-par, a war against them will be very tough due to their numbers. We have enough to worry about with Hamas, Syria, Iran, and its proxy Hezbollah.

    Israelis are very worried.

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  16. Oh Egypt will get the war that the brotherhood wants and they that attack Israel will be destroyed.

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  18. Israel will flatten you within a matter of hours.

    I sure could

    TYPO there:) they sure could

  19. Scott, you’re a buffoon. Israel couldn’t flatten Hezbollah in a matter of hours. What makes you think that Israel could do that to Egypt whose military is relatively much stronger than Hezbollah? One day, your hubris will come back to bite you in the ass.

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  21. Fury, Israel COULD have flattened Hezbollah, but it would have meant flattening the civilians Hezbollah hides among.

    If it’s army vs army in Egypt, Israel will take some hits, but Egypt will suffer defeat.

    Of course, we’re all hoping it gets nowhere close to that point…

  22. Mismatch between headline and article.

    No direct quotes. Vagueness. Lots of implied conclusion.

    Propaganda is what they call it.

  23. War with Israel? Lol. That would be suicidal for the whole region. The slightest move to attack Israle will definitely attract the “Samson Option”.

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  25. As an Israeli that have through a couple of wars, I feel very uncomfortable seeing people that talk about war in a cheerful arrogant tone.
    In a real war – real human beings, flesh and blood, would die and injured in horrible ways traumatizing themselves and their loved ones. This is not a video game. And there is nothing exciting about it.
    And on a side note – the Egyptian army is *very* strong. I’m not sure at all Israel would be able to be able to confront it, especially if Iran would join this fight via Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. For me it means a death sentence to many people I love for the terrible crime of being a Jew in an Antisemitic world. (oops, sorry – in a legitimately criticizing Israel for anything she does world)

    (English is not my native language, I apologize for my Errors)

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  30. um, this isnt really news at all. of course the moslem brotherhood wants and is working towards the destruction of israel. hamas is a wing of the muslim brotherhood, and was created to fulfill that goal. anyone who says that the muslim brotherhood doesnt want war with israel either has their head up their ass or is a liar.

  31. jebara, im pretty sure youre trolling because i dont think that computers have made their way to gaza yet. however, i will say that i wouldnt be too eagre for war if i were you. israel has plenty of nukes and if it finds itself backed up against a wall, the entire arab world will swiftly become a burned-out smoking crater.

    i agree with you about israelis being pussies though. they decimated the combined forces of every arab country in 6 days and instead of taking the opportunity to kick every last flea-bitten “palestinian” dog out of israel… israel gave them their own land along with free food, water, power, and medical care!

    on a lighter note… arabs fight like frightened rats, and i look forward to the next time the world can look on and laugh at the pathetic and futile efforts of arab millitaries as they are humiliated by the jewish men and women of the idf 🙂

  32. I thought these Egyptians were starving, so why do they suddenly want to attack Israel. They cannot even seem to manage a proper Revolution by the looks of it.

  33. Josef – Kol Hakovod. Well said in ant language. Who in their right mind wants a war? If the Muslim Brotherhood brings on a regional war everyone loses, none more than the Arab civilian populations.

  34. Go f_ck yourself Jaba I mean Jebara! Israeli’s killing innocent palestinian?! What are you smoking? Only palestinians celebrate with their stupid candy when people die.

  35. This false information has been written Mubarak to continue in power.

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  37. Jefferson Mee on

    Muslims are responsible for all the troubles in the world, it has been scientifically proven

  38. In response to Jebara, I have two words for you,”BUT GOD”. Nobody is going to wipe out Isreal, nobody. Yes her enemies will come against her but they cannot fight God. Let them try!!Glory to the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem;they shall prosper that love thee” Psalm 122:6

  39. here’s the score christenity 1 muslims 0, muslims regulated to pool b

  40. The level of pure ignorance these days is just startling. I guess Mubarak’s propoganda about the brotherhood got to you all. Even then I don’t exacttly support them, but declaring war on Israel is just as stupid as it gets. Now, personally, my problem with israel isn’t about being jewish, it is foremost the things they have done to the palestinians, the war crimes, the racially nazi-ish inspired actions including the forced rerouting of needed water from palestinian villages to illegal israeli settlements. Don’t be too over-confident Israel, Egyptian military tactics and leadership has improved, and training of their military did improve after 1967. Also their soldiers aren’t exactly incompetent as it might make you comfortable to think. On the flipside, the same goes to you too Egypt. You might feel good for chanting death to israel when in reality they do have nukes (the soviet union in the past was the key countermeasure to this as doing that would have brought world war 3) and their military, despite having a bunch of drunken IDF coming to the united states to sing for all these jewish camps, and their culture has made them hate everything about arabs, and they have a siege mentality and fortified themselves due to their being unwanted from the region. What Egypt would have to do, in my opinion, is also develop a siege mentality, not feel so proud about going to war against israel but if it’s military had to serve in anything then combat should be taken seriously with the utmost planning, alongside believing that they are fighting for the survival of the rights of others or atleast their country. Now Egypt does have a pretty good integrated AA system from Sadat’s time, but it’s effectiveness in shooting down a nuke I doubt. It would face international criticism though if it was militarizing, and so any government needs to focus on undoing what Mubarak has done to Egypt. War, if ever, has to be another day. There is no telling what international pressure and sabotaging can do, but once life is much better for the Egyptians then they could try to improve their military under the guise of doing it against any international threats be it Iran and
    Israel, in essence make it totally not seem one sided. God knows Iran for all their boasting about their military didn’t do anything. Also, there is the United States, the main reason Israel even stood a chance in the past. Now, Egyptian views of the United States and Israel are in general two big different things, please don’t believe they want the muslim brotherhood so that they can invade the united states. Also it is true, the brotherhood does somewhat want to work for the good of the country and does not have any plans to invade israel. This is piss poor reporting and I would think that the Foreign Exchange would atleast try to do some better fact checking, because this kind of propoganda supports mubarak and could bring the region into serious trouble.

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  43. You all should look into the ONLY truth there is!!! GODS WORD!!! it depicts exactly what is happening and has happened over the last 4,000 years!!! Currently we see the stretching forth the expansion of the power of the “last days” biblical “king of the south” (a radical islamist led iran)!! this “king of the south” will absorb into their radical agenda many countries including egypt, jordan, and the others in the near region! then this entity will “push” at the “king of the north” (the final resurrection of the holy roman empire< led by germany and fused together by the vatican) IF you are aware of what this pope has been preaching for over 3 years which is basically against the muslim world and the muslim world has been KILLING christians in response!! there is coming a time soon that the immigration of muslims within the EU will be NOT tolerated and they will be thrown out, IF you are up to date with what is already happening within the eu that is already happening!!! that is the PUSH that the radical islamists are doing against the king of the north!! this will lead to a final crusade against muslims by the catholic led german EU!!! the bible gives the account in Daniel!! the king of the north will be devastated!! "Damascus will be a ruinous heap" then "tidings from the east and the north will trouble him" (the king of the north) rusia and china will come against the german led Eu!!!! america by this time is nothing more than a footnote, we will have become totally economically and literally enslaved!!!!!! GODS promises to the "house of israel" (america and britain)for their iniquities will happen!!!

  44. “The slightest move to attack Israle will definitely attract the “Samson Option”.”

    That’s OK, after that Israel will be destroyed together with all the tribalists in the Diaspora, wherever they may be! This is called MAD and the tribe is not immune from it – deal with it.

  45. fred lapides on

    Well, then, here is what the Brotherhood has to say in it own words:
    “Khaled Hamza, editor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s official website, considered a voice of “moderation” within the party:

    What about relations with Israel? What would the Brotherhood do regarding the situation between Israel and Palestine?
    We think Israel is an occupation force and is not fair to the Palestinians. We do not believe in negotiation with Israel. As the Muslim Brotherhood, we must resist all this. They are an occupation force and we must resist this. Did you see what they do in Gaza, on the flotilla? Israel is a very dangerous force and we must resist. Resistance is the only way, negotiation is not useful at all.
    So would the Muslim Brotherhood, if in a position of government, help groups like Hamas?
    Yes, sure.
    Do you recognize Israel as a state?

    now are they just a nice batch of peace-loving folks or not?

  46. “now are they just a nice batch of peace-loving folks or not?”

    yes, of course, they do not believe in appeasement. The fascists / imperialists in Israel must be soundly defeated, and the best way to do this is to arm their opponents to create parity and to refuse to negotiate with them. This was the solution used against Germany in the 1930s/1940s, after appeasement ended, and guess what: it worked!

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  48. Hephzibah CORBAN on

    …I really dont like coming to these sites but I think My 2 cents can shed light on the situation.

    Reality is right, america ‘are’ the slaves to those who lie of be jews. (REVELATIONS 2:9 & 3:9 – TITUS 1:14) america support this unGodly blasphemist contry because they know they have GOD’S TRUE People in thier Midst but kept them as slaves and let the blasphemit country built under a supported them. This ladies and gentlemen is what you call Thee Apocalypse 🙂 surprise

    but some you already known this but you rather disscuss these lands that have no chance in survival because of what Scrpits says. 1. iz’ra’ill will be destroyed, no way around it. 2. then america( the Harlot). 3. then, TRUE Israel will take place. Capitol, NEW JERUSALEM

    …and most of you said that this wouldnt happen until years and years and many had passed, crepped up huh?

  49. Hephzibah CORBAN on

    …and reality? stop over-expressing yourself using the text for YHWH. you are just man. who, (like All) needs to learn their place and Heed GOD through HIS Wife.

    …The MESSIAH is A Girl

    wheres The Bride?

  50. ironcurten on

    In the bible it says that the sons of god will be forced from there land. This is going to happen 1 bomb in the right place will have all the jews running for the hills and by the time they can respond it will be to late. We all our coming into a time that I fear will be more violent then ever and its all starting to come in place u.s is streched to far and there is no way to stop iran,syria,lebanon half of the middle east from finally getting rid of the jews.Its going to be a sad day when this happens for everyone ww3 is starting

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  52. I do not exactly know what you mean by over expressing myself with the text for Yahweh (I said cult of zion to refer to the zionist regime) nor do i understand what you mean by heeding god through his (wife??) or that the messiah is a girl nor do i understand what you mean by “wheres The Bride?” But whatever I suppose

  53. Jonathan Hackman on

    The “Brotherhood” will support the muslim ways that have been in practice for hundreds of years. The men can do no wrong..thw women on the other hand..well whats so bad about having all your external sex organs removed?

  54. 5 years off ? no , they hid Mr Bardei by his balls , get the nukes and deliver to tel aviv same day

    no need a jet ,they can take ,if the wind is right , aballon the deadlyest attack altitude is about 2200 feet

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  58. Hephzibah CORBAN on


    to All of those who are ignorant to the situtaion.

    those jews are ‘not GOD’S chosen in the 1st, which makes them Imposters who will be Destroyed. thats why they are concerned with being surronded by armies. (isnt that what prophecy says?) A False and Blasphemist country it is.* this is the beginning)

    you men are are Mistakend 🙂 and of course those who descend Babylonians are going to keep this up as long as possible. hooplah? please they are going to die and anyone who sides with them are going to also.

    My HUSBAND is about to strike down on both sides over there. Why? because its been lying for so many years that you men cant distinguish TRUTH from Fiction.

    just watch how REVELATIONS play out.

    the more the world goes into turmoil the happier I’ll be and the New TRUE Nationl of Israel will again stand before thier GOD.

    …there wont be any ‘ade made from these lemons.

    Daughter Zion, The Wife of GOD

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  60. El Profet on

    Sou da Paz.
    No Holy Scriptures,…
    Obadias 1:14(infelizmente a Casa de Saul), palestinians, sera julgada, pois os muros estao prontos(Gaza) e serao confinados and burned.
    The King of North ira make , war contra King of South(Daniel 11).
    Russia and Ira virao contra jews, but not prevalecerao, when God interviw
    Alemanha(Frota of ships destruidas), and Quitin, Turquei(Togarma) virao auxiliar ..
    Entao surgira o impostor, The King of Terror( seven years of persecution a jews, cristians.
    Jerusalem invadida(Luke 12) and the Holy Temple(recontruido) para adorar a besta( diablo).
    The 666,…. is coming.

    Only Jesus save!

  61. @coxymush
    Allah is the God of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Budists all the religions of the world. Allah is the God of all Universe. We all living beings cannot and surly will not escape from Allahs Mercy. My fellow brothers and sisters do not blame evil on Allah. Allah reserves the Right to do what ever He wants because he is the Creator. Allah is the Master and we are his slaves.

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  64. Hephzibah CORBAN on

    …and sorry Love, Allah was also created By The GOD of Israel, GOD of All also:)
    therefore making Him a what?, an Abomination. Making Him a false God.
    There is a insert of the rising of allah in the Old testment of the Hebrews Scripts.

    CORBAN(the GOD of Israel) distributed a GOD to each nation of people in their Land.

    but there is so many gods now and theres no need to find the origins, just know, they are from Here. so lets just call them the gods of Baal. what? it aint the TRUTH.

    …you so anti matter dont nothin matter

  65. Hephzibah CORBAN on

    I think you better go and ask the Persians about CORBAN.

    “HE gives them their arms but they dont know them as HIS pepole but they know what they are to do.”

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  67. The Egyptians must surely want another defeat at the hands of tiny Israel. And NOT. Allah is NOT the G-d of all, even though many apostate Rabbies and Jews today want Jews to accept their G-d as being the same. IT NOT THE SAME. The G-d of Israel is as per the shma. Only one and taht is the one of Israel.

  68. Nice to read another rational Jewish-Islamic mutual rant and some good old religion-bating . When wil you stop trying to ‘own’ God. ‘God’ is a construct – each person’s ‘truth’ is as valid as the other.

    And if God does exist, he would be the first to say that no one has a monopoly on him.

    Get a life you lot.

  69. And another thing Hussain. You might believe you are the slave of your God.

    But don’t lump everyone else in with your daft philosophy – you choose to be a slave. I choose to be free 🙂

  70. lolz the reason you all are fighting is not just allah and god , god nd allah its a name which is given for the creater of universe in different language ,… stop abusing each other we all human beings , we must live a life of humanity and leave behind the religious which makes us differ

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  72. what your god ? , for how many dollars you buy the god , entire issue in on your irrational thinking ,well just be the human , is your god which you are buyed is tht says to you dont be human behave as bad guy ??? > ????? is this your buyed god tells you in your books ??? i think you chosen very less dollars god so he use to tell you the bad things about not to be in humanity nd ,let me tell you being human is not to being sick its a life of humanity and peace i dnt knw your god teaches you about what is peace nd mercy being in religious , hahaha you just making the sin as per your religious too

  73. Hevfsha CORBAN on

    Look I gave you what you need to understand TRUTH. But if you cant understand then you are a one of many who will not make it…and only out of ignorance, what a shame.

    And as far as HIS book that He required Me to write(as of All HIS prophets) My dear, because I speak The TRUTH, they’ve taken All the Royalties to it. I have nothing.

    …this is meant by (Luke 21:4) As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. 2. He also saw a poor Widow put in two very small copper coins. 3. “I tell you the truth,” he said, (“this poor Widow has put in more than all the others.) 4. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but She out of Her poverty put in all She had to live on.”

    Meaning, I have given more knowledge of resurrecting and TRUTH of GOD, The GOD of Israel, GOD of All

    ah ha? no hun the jokes on you

  74. Hevfsha CORBAN on

    to cleanse The Lands is what its called.
    to get rid of evils and ignorance. everytime My HUSBAND does a deed, HE throught HIS people HE will send a prophet so HIS actions can be understood.
    and again, I’m sorry you just cant get it


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  77. Hevfsha CORBAN on

    Yes but HIS chosen Nation are the Hebrew Israelites(the slaves) 1st. then the rest of the world. yu are the inhibitants of the world(outside of Israel) The slaves.

    after all the cleansing of the lands, not Only will HIS chosen Nation bring Offerring being brought out of Our oppression (because of Our ancesters iniquity) but The whole World wil bring it also, Becaue HE will have done, for everyone.
    …but all in still Israel(the slaves) will still be HIS chosen nation.
    “when the sun and moon cannot be no longer held in thier order, then that when the nation Israel(the slaves) will no longer be a notion before ME”

    said by GOD HIMSELF.

    so, what you (as in the world) is to look at Isarel(the slaves) as, “wow, HE did that to HIS OWN chosen nation? HE sent them into slavery and mistreament for many many years jsut because they disobeyed HIS Laws, Statutes, Ordinances & caommandments? Maybe (we) as in the world do as they and follow their GOD, WHO’S GOD of all.

    …what did I tell you about using you speach in the text of YHWH? that is only reserved for HIM this is why WE are coming to make an UNDERSTANDING.
    you men have lost respect.

  78. Hephzibah CORBAN on

    “Sometimes you have to excuse My hand 🙂 but dont allow it to take away from GOD’S message.”

    Hephzibah CORBAN, The Wife of GOD, THE MOST HIGH

  79. Hevfsha CORBAN on

    Now those who are also reading this thread. Do we seem to have What GOD Speaks unto are these not scoffers that are upon You? those who simply cant understand or losers. And when there area some who have Wisdom these are considered deterrent and shall die. 🙂 I do it witha smile because its just Me.

    I dont answer to anybody..but worms knows of HIM.

    precaustionary measure for those who see. Now I can ridicule you 2 bits…thats also My job.
    “fora 1 time Limited exculsive offer, a milisec you can be on stage!” I have no shame. Lord says? Lord says, ” that She is willing to allow those inside Her Home whoever is willing to cater to Her in?” brilliant children just so very mahvaulus. I would like to thank GOD.


    Now I dont know how any of you interpet you gods but I know MY is comining to Dominate all this so why would you stay in pop shit is this not the pop live? really
    no one really know but Me, just admit it its over! man rules nothing it was all From HIM and you worms cant take it. you can start by getting Any Hebrew Man or Woman to ZION(Il.) those who you mistreated for so long brogh them over not only in the states but wherever the boats stopped off. Let Me see that like europe, paris (oh yeah see them haitains are Hebrews also and they did sign on with a false god(ass you all) and that why My Kind kicks ass!) I get it All! whod like to attend The Banquet?
    WE’LL have:
    ice cream&cake
    friends amoungst friends
    people for saviours and!
    My show your not going to wanna miss that!
    …and you know GODS GLORY

    you get to see GOD at works doing things at a timely fashion with Emotions since…HE gots a Wife now! heyyy

    you dont have to be Hebrew to come HE wants as many to see(MR SHOWBOAT AT HIS BEST)but just know Im here to help HIM Decipher

    i run this

  80. Hevfsha CORBAN on

    oh I forgot of the script that spoke of woman not being permitted to teach man. thats funny

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  82. Johnathan on…The exchange with faulty news reporting…. I suppose it should just take it’s news from other news channels directly instead of using sensationalism, but I find it funny how this turned into another arab vs jewish debate, with muslims talking about allah and jews talking about israel and then this “CORBAN” taking most of the page person who keeps preaching to us all about God having some wife and true israel or something, hah.

  83. Hephzibah CORBAN on

    ‘Reconize what is happening ^.
    these worms are miserables and want company.
    they know they already lost everything. and will discourage anyone from the TRUTH.

    My question is(rather you want to admit it or not)do you any of you think that GOD is that unjust?
    Do you think tha GOD will allow whitey(the Romans) to continue with their iniquites? as with the world

    But whitey needs to understand that they were just used. america is in the same postion as egypt when Our GOD delivered Us out of Egypt with Moses and the (10 plagues)..but america get it worst.

    you ‘do’ know that Russia is now rejecting americas policy of arms for contries to not arm themselves over 2400? for production and strength. it was suppoesdly should be around 1500 but not to exceed over 2400 for everyone but except…america itself of course.

    its called operation ‘New Start” which I had was spoke about during the end of summer. warning. “do you think that if Russia had a chance to start over under a new system would they?”
    Russia and Iran are friends.
    They are cooking up something very hot.
    China especailly dont want any ties to this mess(& lets not forget China being upset that america took the small value that was left in the dollar and put into gold making it hard for them thier goods).
    N. Korea still dares america to come over. & america aint crazy cause they havent.
    …and lets not forget the rest
    -pirates who are starving, because of europes dumping toxic waste affecting their water, babies & stealing theyr source of goods, shrimps & more. enough! unjustice harlot. I do away with you asap

    wow, you americans sure got dupped into thinking your country was nobel.
    but yu read the news that are controlled by these miserable worms who wants company

    This is why egypt(america) havent sent offensives to dispurse the crowds, beacuse they know that would trigger things much sooner. why be afriad now? the western world wasnt so conservative into committing all of their acts. Thier is a time when all great empires fall, and the Harlots time been has been overdue.

    and GOD? yeah is The REASON why all of these events have taken place.
    and Me? I just wont be only taken over message boards either.
    understand what this is, ‘Reconize what is happening.
    these worms are miserables and want company.
    they know they already lost everything. and will discourage anyone from the TRUTH.

    My question is(rather you want to admit it or not)do you any of you think that GOD is that unjust?
    Do you think tha GOD will allow whitey(the Romans) to continue with their iniquites? as with the world

    But whitey needs to understand that they were just used. america is in the same postion as egypt when Our GOD delivered Us out of Egypt with Moses and the (10 plagues)..but america get it worst.

    you ‘do’ know that Russia is now rejecting americas policy of arms for contries to not arm themselves over 2400? for production and strength. it was suppoesdly should be around 1500 but not to exceed over 2400 for everyone but except…america itself of course.

    its called operation ‘New Start” which I had was spoke about during the end of summer. warning. “do you think that if Russia had a chance to start over under a new system would they?”
    Russia and Iran are friends.
    They are cooking up something very hot.
    China especailly dont deal with any ties to this mess(lets not forget China being upset that america took the small value that was left in the dollar and put into gold making it hard for them thier goods).
    N. Korea still dares america to come over.
    …and lets not forget the rest
    -pirates who are starving, beacuse of europes dumping toxic waste affecting their babies & stealing theyr source of goods from them, shrimps & more.

    wow, you americans sure got dupped into thinking your country was nobel.

    This is why egypt(america) havent sent offensives to dispurse the crowds, beacuse they know that would trigger things much sooner. why be afriad now? the western world wasnt so conservative committing their acts thier is a time when all great empires fall, and the Harlots time been overdue.

    I wont be only taken the over message boards either 🙂

    and The GOD of Israel? Is the REASON why All these events have taken place

  84. George Gype on

    I catch the articles on howlongolord through a RSS feed. That site is a religious site about prophecy. I don’t think Obama has anything to do with prophecy. However the article posted above does link the Middle Eastern countries to prophecy.

  85. let me start first by saying Allah means God in arabic God is Allah Allah is God! to put is into terms you can understand we all have one father, muslims,jews and christians, we all trace out hearitage back to father abraham, then we start to seperate God told abraham he will have a son with is wife sarah, she says cant be im to old and told him to sleep with her egyptian slave, which his did and had a son named ishmael, which that is were we seperate, God told abraham that is was to be a son concieved by sarah and behold had a son with his wife and the named his isaac, and from there the Jews and christians fallow the lineage, through isaac and then little further down through isaac, the trus son of abraham, the messianic line from which our lord Jesus was born from and this is when the christians and jews differ, jewish people addmit the yes Jesus was was real but not a true messiah, just a prophet, because from someone to be a messiah in the jewish religion they have to “complete” 3 things and according to jews he only did two and fell short because to them he did not rebuild the temple, which is one of the three, but us christians take his death and resurection after three days as rebulding the temple, not a man made stucture but as in life, because after three days he rose and from that point on the word of God spread with his resurrection after the 3 days which really spread the word of God all across the world,which to me was way more then a building of brick and stone built be men and a quick side note God is not behind all the evil in the world, God is great and the best gift he gave us humans was free will and men are the ones responible for the majority of the evil in the world not God!!!! so there you

  86. it, we all come from the one father, abraham, and all worship the God he did

  87. Thank you Matthew! I so wish more people would accept and understand that we are all from the ONE God. The Prophet Muhammad’s entire mission was to teach the barbaric Arabs this one simple message. In fact the only way you can claim to be a Muslim is to utter and accept the words: “There is No God But God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God”

  88. The Little Horn on


    What are you doing?
    You let western powers control you?
    You let them Dictate whats in your land?

    What happen to the Perisan Legacy?

    What would Darius & Xerxes think of this? Are you not the Son of Cyrus? Those who job is to heap up sinful nations and subdue them. get on your job!

    You have the forward of THE MOST HIGH

    you will succeed Cyrus its been granted

    🙂 Hevfsha

  89. The Little Horn on

    ISAIAH 45 <<<<<read very carefully

    1 This is what the LORD says to HIS Anointed,
    to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of
    to subdue nations before him
    and to strip kings of their armor,
    to open doors before him
    so that gates will not be shut:
    2 I will go before you
    and will level the mountains[a];
    I will break down gates of bronze
    and cut through bars of iron.
    3 I will give you Hidden Treasures,
    riches stored in Secret Places,
    so that you may know that I am the LORD,
    the God of Israel, who summons you by name.
    4 For the sake of Jacob my servant, (true Israel)the slaves
    of Israel my chosen, I summon you by name
    and bestow on you a title of honor,
    though you do not acknowledge ME.

    ***5 I am the LORD, and there is no other;
    apart from me there is no God.***

    I will strengthen you,
    though you have not acknowledged me,
    6 so that from the rising of the sun
    to the place of its setting
    people may know there is none besides me.

    ***I am the LORD, and there is no other.***

    7 I form the light and create darkness,
    I bring prosperity and create disaster;
    I, THE LORD, do all these things.

    8 You heavens above, rain down MY righteousness;
    let the clouds shower it down.
    Let the earth open wide,
    let salvation spring up,
    let righteousness flourish with it;
    I, the LORD, have created it.

    9 Woe to those who quarrel with their Maker,

    those who are nothing but potsherds
    among the potsherds on the ground.
    Does the clay say to the potter,
    ‘What are you making?’
    Does your work say,
    ‘The potter has no hands’?
    10 Woe to the one who says to a father,
    ‘What have you begotten?’
    or to a mother,
    ‘What have you brought to birth?’

    11 “This is what the LORD says—
    the Holy One of Israel, and its MAKER:
    Concerning things to come,
    do you question me about my Children,
    or give me orders about the work of ME hands?
    12 It is I who made the earth
    and created mankind on it.
    My own hands stretched out the heavens;
    I marshaled their starry hosts.
    **13 I will raise up Cyrus in my righteousness:
    I will make all his ways straight.
    He will rebuild my city
    and set MY exiles free,
    but not for a price or reward,
    says the LORD Almighty.

    14 This is what the LORD says:

    The products of Egypt and the merchandise of Cush,
    and those tall Sabeans—
    they will come over to You
    and will be Yours;/Mine 🙂
    they will trudge behind You,
    coming over to You in chains.
    They will bow down before You
    and plead with You, saying,

    ‘Surely GOD is with You, and there is No Other
    there is no other god.’”

    15 Truly you are a GOD who has been hiding HIMSELF,
    the GOD and SAVIOUR of Israel.

    16 All the makers of idols will be put to shame and disgraced;
    they will go off into disgrace together.
    17 But (true)Israel will be saved by the LORD
    with an everlasting salvation;
    you will never be put to shame or disgraced,
    to ages everlasting.

    18 For this is what THE LORD says—
    HE who created the heavens,
    HE IS GOD;
    HE who fashioned and made the earth,
    he founded it;
    HE did not create it to be empty,
    but formed it to be inhabited—
    HE says:

    ***I AM THE LORD,

    19 I have not spoken in secret,
    from somewhere in a land of darkness;
    I have not said to Jacob’s descendants,Israel
    ‘Seek me in vain.’
    I declare what is right.

    20 “Gather together and come;
    assemble, you fugitives from the nations.
    Ignorant are those who carry about idols of wood,
    ~who pray to gods that cannot save.~

    21 Declare what is to be, present it—
    let them take counsel together.
    Who foretold this long ago,
    who declared it from the distant past?
    Was it not I, the LORD?
    And there is no God apart from ME,
    a righteous GOD and a SAVIOUR;
    there is none but ME.

    22 “Turn to ME and be saved,

    23 By MYSELF I have sworn,
    MY MOUTH has uttered in all integrity
    a word that will not be revoked:
    Before ME every knee will bow;
    by ME every tongue will swear.
    24 They will say of ME, ‘In the LORD alone
    are deliverance and strength.’”
    All who have raged against HIM
    will come to HIM and be put to shame.
    25 But all the descendants of Israel
    will find deliverance in THE LORD
    and will make their boast in HIM.

    can you find(Anywhere)that Allah created and gave to THE GOD OF ISRAEL?


  90. The Little Horn on

    and TRUE Israel is the only nation who GOD gave statues and Laws the rest of you are the inhibitants of the earth idiot matthew you know nothing. all the rest of the world just know they cam from adam.
    Israel can say (We) are from Jacob who OUr GOD named Israel, then 8 great-grandfaters before was Noah, then 9 great-grandfathers before him was Adam. can nobody do that but… Israel(the slaves). you are just the inhibitants of the earth you know like the Philistines and such? or how about your forgein women who My HUSBAND forbits Our Men to maryy because it will water down Our Inheritance that HES Given Us.

    Again, DEUTERONOMY 7:6 2PETER 2:9

    and to recall My memory the 144,000 sealed was consisting of what tribes again?
    Right! TRUE Israel
    shut your punk azz up

  91. The Little Horn on

    …and you, stop trying to put the blame on Obama becaue you know that america was already corrupt before he got into office.

    in order to become preisdent you have to
    1. be a resident
    2. be at least 35 years 14 years in
    4.worshipp the devil

    americaThe Harlot was built in a day and will burned in one hour.

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  94. Allah is not the god of all the religions, hussain…

    and this is all in the Bible and in the Bible it says that Israel will NEVER be defeated and God NEVER breaks his promises

  95. Little Horn Blow on

    and all of this ‘is’ in the Our Bible since We are who HE chosed to express HIMSELF through anyway. Our History Book ‘is’ the Bible. and if you know of Our History so much you know that there is no one who knows of HIS HOLINESS more than HIS Bride. So yes HE sent us into opression but now Redemption Season is upon Us and yeah, will no one be able to defeat Us Our KINDOM will stand and be Forevermore.

    stop speaking as you know My HUSBAND, you don’t learn your place

  96. Hefvsha COREY'S Wife on

    I suggest you all start making preparations to get here in the Midwest to *ZION* which is north from Chicago(Magdala).

    It is about to be the safest place(In The World) to be.
    GOD is with Me. HE will keep ME safe througout All this.
    whoever will be there with Me will also be safe.
    get to ZION!

    these protests will not simmer down, its Contagious
    its suppose to be. Be a friend to the Bride/2Christ at Her Banquet and receive Savation. Come as enemy and get your azz kicked/hey! you will easily be no more.
    You think My HUSBAND will let you come and be a fool? Or what about The TRUE Nation of Israels Army? A bunch of fit Hebrew Niggas carry hundreds&hundreds of years of their Fathers Oppression, and of course who ever else is tired and is willing to side.

    Its My banquet not HIS and Ive been unhappy for a long time. But understand this: those who come under Savation must know they will have to fight. fight against the wickedness that struggle to keep this current worlds order.

    People are tired and are not going to take it anymore.

    :)Protest: –noun
    1. an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid: a protest against increased taxation.

    basically the world is tired of the Satanist and theyre System so get outta here devil we dont want you no mo’.

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  98. Mrs. CORBAN a.ka. Little Horn on

    you know what I find quite entertaining?
    you are willing to Misguide, Misdirect, Misinform the Masses just to get company, (in your head) to keep your stance. You are what My HUSBAND spoke of. please

    “Popes are no men of GOD, they are willing servants for the Devil” Catholics painted the false pictures of Our GODS WORKS in theyr image, Europeans. Popes are not to be trusted in these lasts days of Satan.

    Neither is False Ministers like Louis Farrakhan. he is a false prophet. If he was truely delivered as one from GOD he would have known that he is an Hebrew Israelite which makes him “a man within TRUE Israel/Christ.
    But insteaed he shakes hands with the Harlots powers portraying himself and misleads his own poeple! this guy is going to die!
    Wheres the connection with the East? how come he doesnt try to difuse the tenion between the misunderstanding about Allah and its people? Because he is a false branch Allah that falsely speaks for The Harlot! whove theyve hired! just to keep GODS people (The Hebrew Israelites/the slaves) out of the know! He works for the Harlot!

    Ive even told his men whos out in the streets passing out his Tainted Info, that hes a False Prophet and his outcome will be quick&short and them who they TRUELY are. farrahkhan is unknown in the East and is Not Taken Seriously.

    It is a high bar to pass in order to be The TRUE CHURCH OF GOD and if you are a Man, that puts you out Automatically. Becaue it is HIS Bride who HE gives not only the world to but also OUR Son/ Man of Peace.

  99. Mrs. CORBAN a.ka. Little Horn on

    …and further more iz ra ‘ill is not trying to get the Harlot to go to war with them. That is another one of americas cop outs. America knew who they got on&off those boats during the Atlantic Slave trade. They already knew the blasphemist dirty jews(babylonians) told them.

    they knew! so all of this goes hand & hand iz ra’ill goes 1st then the Harlot. stop trying to play damsel america remember your the Harlot

    …and stop trying to whitewash Me without adressing Me ok? just admitt the Bride has been called(Apocalypse) and take your offensives as youve given them.

  100. The information in this article is utter nonsense. The Muslim brotherhood declared that they WILL respect their peace treaty with Israel, will not seek majority in the parliament and will not field a presidential candidate. This article is an example of bad reporting. Please check your sources.

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  102. Mrs. CORBAN a.ka. Little Horn on

    Its time.

    For many years Weve been mistreated. We were forced to believe that we were beneath the lowest and We complied. Even when We simply wanted to be treated as man we were denied, hung, and beaten. This land even allowed its aliens to mistreat Us and after forcibly bearing Our blood, sweat, tears & lives to build this land, are to die with it? No. Weve worked too hard for this land.

    Its time to tell The People of Israel who they Truly are. You cant be a follower of GOD and deny HIS People. It was never meant for you to keep this land. Our GOD gave us into your hands as punishment and now that Our punishment is over, we shall be allotted Our Land. The New TRUE Israel. Capitol, YERUSALEW, THE NEW JERUSALEM

    sincerely, your Nemesis 🙂

  103. Woman Clothed With The Sun, Moon & Stars on

    …and never to demean Our brother Malcolm who was viciously killed by uninformed pathetic Hebrews(his own) at their worst because they copped a deal. He is held with nobility & credit, because despite what he learned through that misleading and tricky organization.

    He found more than black&white,TRUTH which was GOD and started to distance himself from that underhanded organization and one of the 7 deadliest showed. I commend him.

    But the System that My HUSBAND designed was just not for him to depict.

    …and as far as anything else thoe who control the medai are thoe who are currently operating Satans dominion and want to kep thing as they are which making them an enemy of GOD.

    ..go check, the Harlot has been accused plenty(other countries) of not providing TRUTH to its people. Blowing situations overboard(diversions) and significantly playing downwards(ignorance). dont trust it, GODS events dot lie man does.

  104. Woman Clothed With The Sun, Moon & Stars on

    …oh and to simply ask, is the Musleum Brotherhood the only True Threat to old blasphemist iz ra’ill?

    remember the Suez Canal was and is still is a hawt issue

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  106. The One HE delights in on

    …so, how much mone did you make of My fortune telling?

  107. MT. ZION Watchtower on

    See My HUSBAND is WHO intruct Me to read the events of the world and iterrpet them accuratly (as HE sees) which is The TRUTH. everything that was spoke in a religious can also tell in a polictal. But it was, is never to be told be any but The the One Who was to be intructed.

    Why? During the potrait of the Last Supper why was there a aged MAN (with HIS head conjoined)speaking&directing to Mary Magdalene so closely? I tell for those who dont know, but Satan is everywhere

  108. Egyptarmyboy on

    i donno people who talks here just say any shit that have nothing to do with captain in the egyptian army and we dont have any intentions to attacks isreal.we been in peace for more than 30 years and our army here is only to defend the country not to attack any neighbors countries.beside we dont have officers in army that support any Current religious or political even.all army officers hates muslim brotherhood coz we knew if they take over the country it will be afuckin mess.we open minded people we have girlfriends we go bars we drink.u guys still think we r on camels here hahahaaa.we just want the best for our country and peace with isreal thats all