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Off-topic post. My associates and I are proud to present TheWadi – a blog and company index for Israeli technology companies and start-ups. We have one major goal: providing maximal and constant exposure to Israeli technology worldwide.

After a few months of research, design, programming and last minute touches, we’ve launching it today.  TheWadi’s content consists of:

  • Launches of web start ups.
  • New features and products by web companies.
  • Reviews of new services.
  • Major economic news: co-operations, buyouts, mergers, etc.
  • Interviews with the people behind the ventures.
  • And in-depth articles.

In addition to providing news, we have an extensive index of Israeli web companies that includes details about their activities, latest news, contact details and in the future – option to order detailed reports by email.

Here’s more about the site and about the team.