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The latest  IPSOS poll on the Scottish referendum shows an extremely narrow majority of 51% for No and 49% for Yes. This is well within the “too close to call” error area. Counting the undecideds, there is no No majority: only 49% No, 47% Yes and 5% undecideds. Another poll published earlier shows a slightly wider No majority, but also very tight.

GBP/USD is sliding from the highs reached earlier on a more  favorable poll.

It is important to note that the  question was: “Should Scotland become independent?” and not what the voting intentions are.

An earlier poll by  Panelbase showed 52% / 48% for No. Contrary to the polls released last night, we had a clearer majority for No when counting the undecideds: 50% versus 45% for Yes.

GBP/USD reached 1.6457 earlier and is now at 1.6315. There is quite a lot of action on every poll in this close race.

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