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Dennis Blieden, 30, who is listed in the top 1000 poker players in America stands to face 22 years behind bars after embezzling USD 22 million while serving as the vice president of finance and accounting at StyleHaul.

He pled guilty to charges and now awaits sentencing on  March 20, 2020.

Blieden served as an executive financial officer at  StyleHaul  from October 2015 to March 2019. He said  he committed the offence by wiring the company’s funds to his bank account.

The accused used USD 8,473,734 of the stolen money to credit his cryptocurrency accounts. He used USD 1,134,956 to settle for his credit cards,  paid for two poker competitions with USD 103,000 and USD 52,000 respectively and lastly, wrote personal checks worth USD 1,204,000 to other poker players according to the announcement.

He won USD 1 million in prize money back in March 2018, and now  Blieden faces two counts, one for serious identity theft and the second for  wire fraud, and he admitted guilt for both. Blieden faked the signature of an executive officer at StyleHaul to steal $230,000. The case continues.