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Smart Prop Trader is making Forex Prop Firm Trading Simple


Smart Prop Trader Challenge

Smart Prop Trader keeps their challenges as simple as possible so that you can focus on your trades. There is a maximum of 50 days and 0 minimum trading days in the first phase, so you can advance as soon as you complete your trading objectives.

Scaling with Smart Prop Trader

The goal of Smart Prop Trader is to form long-term business relationships with traders. If you manage to be consistent and profitable, Smart Prop Trader will increase the balance of your trading account by 25% every 4 months according to your scaling plan. 

Payout Ratio and Profit Split

The default payout ratio for all Smart Prop Traders is set to 80:20, however, it doesn’t end at an 80:20 share split. If you meet the conditions of their Scaling Plan, then your payout ratio will automatically change to a 90:10 split.

Payout System

One of the main benefits of the Smart Prop Trader payout system is that traders can request payout on demand. The payouts can be processed after 14 days, but traders also have the ability to choose their own profit-split day, which can be adjusted up to 3 times. This helps to insure that traders will receive their withdrawal on their most convenient day and time. 

Trade on News

Smart Prop Trader and Funded Traders are allowed to trade during news without any restrictions. They warn that traders should be careful about trading on news releases.

How to Start with Smart Prop Trader

It is important to know what you are up against before decking to take a Smart Prop Trader Challenge. After you sign up, you can try a free trial.  During the free trial phase, it is a good idea to test your trading applications. Afterward, you will receive a shortened analysis of your performance. 

Lowest prices in the Forex Prop Firm Industry

Currently, Smart Prop Trader has the lowest prices in the prop firm industry.  Their $10,000 trading challenge is $75 and has 0 minimum trading days.  There is a maximum loss of $400 for this challenge in phase 1 and phase 2. 

The largest challenge which is their $200,000 challenge costs $875 which is incredibly reasonable compared to other prop firms.

Platforms available for Trading

You can trade your Smart Prop Trader challenge, verification, and Smart Prop Trader account on the most popular retail platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. 

How long does it take to become a Smart Prop Trader

There are no minimum trading days required. You have 50 maximum days during phase 1 and 100 maximum days during phase 2.  It is possible to have a funded Smart Prop Trader account within 2 trading days. 

Try a Smart Prop Trader Challenge

Smart Prop Trader is a great place for traders of all levels to start, but especially for traders who are new to Forex prop firm challenges. First, try their free trial and then take one of the other challenges. Smart Prop Trader has the lowest prices in the prop firm industry and they are already proving that they are stiff competition to established prop firms. 

Try a Smart Prop Trader Challenge Today! 

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