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Piyumi Dias, the Assistant Director at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka recently gave an interview to a local newspaper and spoke about cryptocurrencies.

She said:

“it is imperative that we do not take too long to catch up with these new developments, lest the rest of the world leaves us behind.” and “this opens up a whole new payment avenue for the average person: a much faster avenue than what is currently available.”

So it seems like Bank of England Governor Mark Carney she is pretty bullish on the whole idea.

“People simply wanted a currency that was not controlled by the government and thus subject to its whims,” she followed this statment up by saying  “Bitcoin phenomenon has taken the world by storm.”

Now after all the sweet talk she did say cryptocurrencies have some shortcomings.

Dias was quick to point out how Bitcoin consumes more electricity in a year than the entire nation of  Switzerland, calling the Bitcoin network a “sluggish behemoth.”.

“This could hardly be called a conducive environment for instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions.”

“As a concept, Bitcoins are a wonderful idea, introduced to the world by an inspired inventor and adopted by the disillusioned masses.”

Well, there you have it. The Sri Lankan central bank may not be the most well known but it seems they are really interested in whats going on in the digital currency space.