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  • The cryptocurrency exchange hasl launched a side project.
  • The new platform will be beneficial both to users and content creators.

Bitfinex has announced the launch of a decentralised Live data streaming platform Dazaar where the creators will receive donations in cryptocurrency.

A new revolution is coming soon, @dazaar_com marketplace, how the internet should be, open, free and hyper scalable! Hold the power to control your data and share innovations in an open environment, the team wrote on Twitter.

Dazaar is a P2P marketplace based on Hypercore protocol. Platform users will be able to monetize their data with no intermediaries meddling with their business and claiming the share of their income. All interaction will takes place exclusively between sellers and buyers.

According to Bitfinex, users will purchase access to data streaming with any digital coins. However, they will have to register with Dazaar and setup a cryptocurrency account Dazaar Card, which is the basis of the financial part of the platform. In the future the company plans to add credit cards support.

Streaming platform Dazaar Vision will allow any user to broadcast video and watch streams without registration. Content creators will be able to receive donates in Bitcoins, the support of other digital currencies will be added in the near future.

The launch of the platform is scheduled on June 25. Bitfinex noted that the new platform will benefit many people regardless of their activities.

We’re convinced that Dazaar will be a useful tool for organisations, such as universities to create and promote new projects and research to the public. At the same time, we also believe that Dazaar’s use cases are not limited to certain parties, the team explained.