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  • Blockchain Transaction, the cheaper and faster medium of transaction.
  • Various countries and banks are opting for Blockchain Transactions.  

According to an investor, who goes by “Crypto Michaël” stated that it costs between $5 and $50 to send $100,000 in Bitcoin but costs at least $1,500 to send the same amount through Paypal. As per his original tweet:

“Transferring abroad $100,000 in $BTC through the Blockchain: fees of $5-50.  

Transferring abroad $100,000 of value through Paypal: fees of $1,500-4,000 + PayPal is able to lock the amount for some period

I mean, no brainer.  


Blockchain transactions are very fast. Payments can be received any moment by the recipient depending on the blockchain traffic. It might take a few seconds to a few hours.  Whereas for Paypal, the central authority may hold the fund for a few days for security reasons. This may result in the delay of funds by a few days.