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Fundamental Traits of a Solid Strategic Trader

Prior to starting off on a trading journey, it is crucial to recognize how to take advantage of your strengths to leverage challenges and become a successful and productive trader.

For a strategic trader, having ambitions and high standards plays an important role in obtaining high focus and precision when observing the markets in order to identify and concentrate on opportunities that will generate return on investment.

To master strategic trading, you must first possess three essential qualities:

  1. You have a fast ability to see patterns and can cultivate a vision that will allow you to benefit from arising opportunities.
  2. You’re an intellectual and eager learner. Your analytical thinking grants you the ability to easily comprehend the concept of trading and its systems.
  3. You don’t rely on good luck, instead your decision-making processes comprise of logic and analysis.    

As noted previously, strategic traders learn to leverage their strengths and challenges.

To illustrate exactly what we mean, we’d like to include here a quote by Paul Tudor Jones, “I’m always thinking about losing money as opposed to making money. Don’t focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have.”

Those traders that have a logical mindset find it difficult to determine when their emotions are starting to have a negative impact on their trading campaign. It is advised to take notice of this point especially when planning and developing a trading strategy. Strategic traders tend to be precise at every move they make. They’re continuously looking for ways to improve themselves and their efforts to achieve the desired goals.  

Besides the strategic type, there are a further 20 trader personalities that a novice trader should get himself familiar with in order to define their psychological belonging in the world of forex trading.

You may have heard of some of the following types: the planning trader, the spontaneous trader, the innovative trader and the fun-loving trader. It has to be noted that the most favourable characteristics of a successful trader include planning and strategy.

All in all, the strategic trader always begins with a particular objective in mind, as well as a set of personal targets and goals. This is the basic telltale sign that distinguishes strategic traders from the other 20 trading personality types. It should go without saying that having a clear mind allows online traders to manage and measure their progress more efficiently and, as a result, achieve an increased probability of successful deals.