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A top UK lawyer say the UK crypto market is looking good

It is pretty fair to say that when people think of regulatory bodies and governments in the crypto industry it not normally positive.

This time a leading UK lawyer  Martin Bartlam, a partner at DLA Piper and one of the world’s leading legal experts in financial technology, says that the UK’s track record on cryptocurrencies had been  “incredibly positive.”

“It’s almost hardest to see what  [the UK’s]  done, but in a way that is the beauty of it,”  said Bartlam.  “They’ve not made it more complicated, there’s no additional compliance or analysis that you need to do,”  

“They’ve really kind of created an opportunity for people to do business the way they always did business using digital assets.”

He went on to comment:

“The U.S. is the interesting one,”  After showing strong interest in cryptocurrencies, regulators in the biggest market in the world    “have really struggled to present a clear policy in terms of what it is they’re trying to achieve.”

Not only is that “frustrating,”  Bartlam said,   it also makes it “harder for businesses to operate in the U.S. and other jurisdictions.”

So the UK is open for business! I believe that London is the centre of the financial world and this goes some way to help to keep the title. Even after Brexit kicks in maybe being the crypto hub of the world will help the capital London open for business.

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