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XRP becomes more decentralized, only 20% validators related to Ripple

  • Third-party entities run almost 80% of nodes.  
  • In the last year, XRP fell by over 43% compared to other cryptocurrencies.

As per Validator Registry, just seven of the 34 of the Unicode node list (UNL) validators in XRP, roughly 20%, are owned by Ripple. Third-party entities operate the remaining 80% of the nodes. This shows us that Ripple – often accused of being centralized – is a lot more decentralized than anyone expected.  

The validators are the lifeblood of a decentralized network like Ripple. They are responsible for validating and processing transactions. Plus, they are also responsible for preventing double-spends within the network.

CoinField, a Canadian crypto exchange that’s extremely pro-Ripple, recently launched a UNL validator. The firm also stated that it is working to increase XRP adoption through a new, as yet disclosed, project.  

In other news, the XRP Community is concerned about the massive XRP sales from Ripple. Ripple owns more than 50% of the total XRP supply. The funds are currently being used to expand the services provided by Ripple around the world. XRP holders and investors face a lot of selling pressure because of the XRP sales that the company conducts every quarter to fund its operations.  

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