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Brave browser surpasses four million daily users

  • According to Brave co-founder, the platform has about 12.2 million monthly users and over four million daily users.
  • About 447,000 content publishers are currently participating in the Brave network. 

Brave, a crypto-powered web browser, appears to have become increasingly popular, exceeding four million daily users. Brendan Eich, the co-founder and chief executive of Brave and former CEO of Mozilla, recently tweeted that the platform has 12.2 million monthly users. About 30% of Brave’s monthly users utilize the browser daily.

The browser has also witnessed a surge in the number of its publishers – with about 447,000 publishers currently participating in the Brave network. Brave, operating as basic attention token (BAT), allows users to support their desired websites with cryptocurrencies as opposed to being subjected to invasive ads. 

Brave users can also earn BAT by viewing “privacy-respecting” ads, which can later be used to tip content creators and websites. Brave campaigns are currently active in 68 different countries.

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