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Binance Coin Price Prediction: A Decline But Moving Back Up Again?

  • The Binance Coin price has taken a battering with a descent of 25% from the September 6 high of $510.
  • BNB has lost a further 10% over the past 48 hours as the wholesale crypto crash continues to bite
  • A slight recovery may be on the cards as Binance Coin gains around 3% in early trading

The Binance Coin price has taken a huge hit over the past few days with a fall of around 12% from $406 to $343 before recovering to the $355 level overnight. This slight positive reversal may indicate that a recovery may be on the cards although the bullish momentum does seem weak at present.

It seems that the wholesale crypto market crash has created a sense of panic and fear amongst investors who may be seeing their holdings become decimated. Sellers have dominated the market over the past few days although the support level of $350 has held quite well overall.

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Short Term Prediction For Binance Coin Price: A Period Of Consolidation Before The Next Move Upwards?

On first indications, it may seem that the Binance Coin price has stemmed its decline and has begun a small recovery. BNB has declined considerably from its bi-monthly of $510 registered on 6 September where it fell by around 25% to a low of $343 on September 21.

If a bullish thesis were to regain control of the market, the Binance Coin price may advance to the $375 level where it would encounter its first resistance level. If this were to be overcome, then BNB would probably approach the $400 level which would mean an appreciation of around 11% from the current price. There would have to be a considerable shift in market sentiment for this to occur however.

If bears keep their presence felt, the Binance Coin price would probably fall below the $350 level again and probably settle at around the $342 mark. If a sell off continues, BNB would likely take the $330 level which is a price last seen over two months ago. This could be a good bounce point for the Binance Coin price.

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Long Term Prediction For BNB: Still Bullish Overall Although The Recovery May Take Longer

After having suffered a considerable crash over the past two weeks with BNB losing a quarter of its price, the outlook looks rather bleak on a short-term basis. The crypto market is admittedly going through a considerable period of instability at present but that does not mean that the long-term outlook remains bleak.

Analysts are still expecting a parabolic rally in the crypto market to take hold although that will probably take longer to happen. Price levels of between $600 and $900 are being mentioned by the end of the year with something rather close to the first figure being the most likely prediction.

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