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  • Haskell Cardano launched to the relays after a year in development.
  • Haskell can be utilized to create real applications just like other mainstream languages.

Cardano network has for some time now been undergoing innovation in a bid to increase utility. According to an announcement by IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson, the development community’s efforts continue to yield the expected results. Cardano’s latest milestone is the release of Haskell Cardani 1.0 to the relays. Hoskinson announced via a tweet:

“We’ve begun pushing Haskell Cardano 1.0 to the relays and after the OBFT hardfork to the Core nodes. It’s a major milestone.”

The development of Haskell Cardano 1.0 has been going on for the past year. According to Hoskinson, the release: “also serves as reference code for how an application should be built in Haskell and proof that Haskell can be used to build real applications that are competitive with the mainstream languages.”