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  • The community has the opportunity to experience an Ouroboros-based decentralized network prior to the mainnet.
  • Cardano is looking forward to fully decentralizing the network with most of the nodes controlled by the community.

The Cardano community now has access to the Shelly network testnet after it successfully sailed through a test run conducted in London. “It was the first instance of the new networked Shelley testnet, available for the community to join as of today,” a section of IOHK blog post said about the test-run.

The networked testnet phase has now allowed both IOHK and the community to have experience “Ouroboros-based decentralized network before making changes to mainnet.” The main aim is to transform the Cardano mainnet from IOHK, Cardano Foundation or EMURGO’s control to a community-controlled project. In this way, the network hopes to achieve full decentralization where most of the nodes are controlled by the community.

IOHK, however, emphasizes that the transformation has to be sustainable. In this way, the network will be allowed to flourish in the future. Therefore, everything has to be executed in an incremental way.

IOHK continued:

“This network is being built for the real world, but the real world is unpredictable. By testing the network capabilities in different scenarios, it’s possible to learn more and account for a broader set of variables. To derive understanding from real-world scenarios, wider community participation is required.”

The participation of the community in the project from this phase will help in the released of a fully baked network. Anyone with interest can now download and install the latest version of the test node as well as connect to the networked testnet.