Craig Wright knows how to make anonymous coins traceable
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Craig Wright knows how to make anonymous coins traceable

  • Bitcoin SV supporter made another series of loud statements.
  • Crypto community dubbed him as Trump for Crypto.

One of the most infamous and controversial figures of the cryptocurrency universe Craig Wright came out with another portion of bombastic declarations.  

A key Bitcoin SV supporter and a part of nChain team, also known as Fake Satoshi, Wright declared that he had a tool to make virtually any anonymous coin like Zcash, Monero and Bytecoin entirely traceable.  

“Yes, I can make ZCash and Monero completely traceable”¦ A means to start monitoring it all and attributing. And, responsible disclosure is not those teams. Have a nice life,” he wrote in his Twitter account.  

He also said that he knows how to create a genuinely anonymous coin, which won’t be based on the blockchain. At the same time, he added that anonymous coins were only used by criminals; that’s why he would not bother dealing with them.

“Not my issue, you use an anon coin, a crime coin as this is all they are, and you are in many countries already committing a crime. So, I would rather teach the Feds how to stop this than help a bunch of losers help criminals,” he wrote.

The cryptocurrency community has already dubbed him “Trump for crypto,” as the American president is also known for his lofty rhetoric.  

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